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New Set Composites Online
Japanese 100 Yen, Circulation Strikes (1967-1988)
Japanese 100 Yen Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (2015-present)
Japanese 500 Yen, Circulation Strikes (1989-present)
Japanese 500 Yen, Proof (1989-present)
Japanese 500 Yen Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (1985-present)
Japanese 500 Yen Commemoratives, Proof (1992-present)

2017 FUN Show

Please click here to enjoy some pictures from the FUN show.

New Set Composites Online
2016 Eagle First StrikeTM Mint Set
2016 Eagle Mint Set
2016 Eagle First StrikeTM Proof Set
2016 Eagle Proof Set

New Set Composites Online
People's Republic of China Year of the Monkey (2016)
Canadian Silver Commemorative Legacy of the Penny, Proof (2017)

New Set Composites Online

Capped Bust Half Dollars Reeded Edge Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1836-1839)
Capped Bust Half Dollars Reeded Edge with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1836-1839)
Capped Bust Half Dollars Reeded Edge Varieties by Dick Graham, Circulation Strikes (1836-1839)

New Set Composite Online
Basic Seated Liberty Type Set (1837-1891)

2016 Updates
2016 coinage is now required in the majority of the modern U.S. set composites. We are still working on updating a few remaining sets which we expect to be completed this week. 2017 coins will be added as optional as the coin numbers are added to our system and they are requested. We will continue to update the modern world coin sets with 2016 coins over the next few months.

PCGS Luncheon videos available for viewing online:

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  • August 2009 -PCGS Set Registry Awards Presentation and Tour of the CoinFacts website
    PCGS Set Registry awards were presented by Collectors Universe and PCGS Founder, David Hall.  In addition, Ron Guth, President of CoinFacts, gave a presentation on the new CoinFacts website.
  • August 2008- PCGS Set Registry Awards Presentation and Price Guide Enhancements
    Ron Guth presents awards to the 2008 winners and David Hall discusses new price guide features.
  • August 2008- Panel Discussion on Copper Coinage
    Panelists Stewart Blay, Steven Ellsworth, Denis Loring, Richard Snow and Andrew Skrabalak discuss collecting copper.
  • January 2008- The History of Grading presented by Ron Guth, Q&A Session with David Hall
  • January 2006- Grading Summit. Q. David Bowers, David Hall, Jim Halperin, Dr. Donald H. Kagin, Julian Leidman and Scott A. Travers participated in a panel discussion about the history of grading, the grading scale, and the future of grading which also included a discussion on whether or not the rare coin market should adopt a 100-point grading scale.
  • January 2005- The Good Old Days. Discussing “What Was the Coin Market like in the 1950s and 1960s?” was Q. David Bowers, David Hall, Art Kagin and Julian Leidman. This very entertaining video gives you a rare opportunity to hear the delightful stories of Art Kagin, who passed away in July, 2005.