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Congrats on the Platinum, Tom. Your set continues to amaze. Regards, David B.

Posted at 8/28/2019 1:33 PM by DRB

Congrats on getting the ONLY 1814 58+ out there Tom! It fits in perfectly to your already incredible looking set! Dave

Posted at 8/20/2018 10:45 AM by drddm

That's crazy how many 58+ coins you have Tom. Probably the perfect collector grades!!!

Posted at 8/3/2018 7:16 PM by [email protected]

Tom! You just earned your Fifth Gold Award!!! Next year you turn Platinum! Congratulations on a truly amazing collection of Bust Half Dollars.

Posted at 8/1/2018 10:15 AM by Earlyhalves

Pretty nice find of an 1807 in 58+!

Posted at 5/30/2018 10:32 AM by [email protected]

WTG on the upgrades, Tom! I so happy for you. (And very glad you didn't need to buy one of my 1813 58+'s after all!)

Posted at 10/6/2017 11:54 AM by lkeigwin

I spy 16 58+'s!!! That's 16!!! Fantastic.

Posted at 5/20/2017 7:06 PM by Chicago

Do I count 13 58+'s? Fantastic.

Posted at 5/12/2016 5:44 PM by Chicago

Very nice new 1836 in 58+. Fantastic! Howard

Posted at 1/10/2016 8:43 AM by Chicago

NOW Eleven AU58+, Holy Cow Batman!

Posted at 1/9/2016 11:26 PM by [email protected]

Now TEN AU58+ coins and so many are unique! This set is getting to be very epic....and on he goes. :)

Posted at 8/19/2015 10:31 PM by [email protected]

How in the world did you get eight of the PCGS 58 Plus Bust Half Dollars graded? No way anyone can catch you now. Super job!

Posted at 4/14/2015 5:36 PM by mozins

Super job Tom! To complete this set, and with three 58 plus grades to assure nobody catches you. PCGS only lists 17 CBHs at the 58 PLUS grade.

Posted at 7/7/2014 3:54 PM by mozins

Yahooooo, you landed the very nice 1839-O. Congradulations on your prefect AU58 SET! That's an amazing accomplishment to finish everthing in the ultiimate collector grade. Many have tried and your set is perfect.

Posted at 6/27/2014 10:14 PM by [email protected]

Could tomorrow be the day for Tom to finish the perfect everyman set of Capped Bust Half Dollars?

Posted at 6/26/2014 8:17 PM by [email protected]

Closing in on the "perfect" everyman collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars! One more to go, peddle to the metal and lets cross the finish line!

Posted at 6/7/2014 8:10 PM by [email protected]

Spectacular, Tom! What a wonderful collection of beautiful AU's.

Posted at 2/28/2014 2:49 PM by lkeigwin

This is one awesome set. Thanks for all the great images.

Posted at 4/23/2013 4:33 PM by RT

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