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About This Set: 2018
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I have been collecting PR Morgan's for many years. I assume you looked at my top set.
I prefer coins that have amazing toning. The exception is DCAM's. They can be white as it is very
difficult to get a DCAM grade on a toned coin. Also if the DCAM is deep enough the coins are stunning.
Over the years I have improved the top set by adding higher
graded and also coins with better eye appeal. After this year I am probably at the end. I think it will be highly
unlikely to find coins I like that will improve the set. Every person who has built a set knows and probably owns that there are MANY nicer coins than what is in the set. However these coins have a lower grade. By "nicer" I mean eye appeal. In the case of Proof Morgan's there are many amazing coins. Morgan's are large, good looking and iconic. I had no choice but to keep any and all duplicates that have tremendous eye appeal or are very rare. Therefore I was able to build a second set of amazing Proof Morgan's and this is it.

In addition to the two sets I made a deal with myself. I do have 40 (two row boxes) of truly amazing additional Proof Morgan's. I will not ever have more than 40. If I find a coin I love I sell one of the 40. This does not happen often.
Many of the 40 are lower grades 65-66's, some are not CAC. They are simply stunning coins. I cannot make a third set as I do not buy for the date. Also I cannot find another amazing 1895. The one I have in set one is probably the top coin that exists. Set two has an amazing looking DCAM.

I could increase the score of this set but I choose not to. I have a handful of higher graded coins but I prefer to leave the eye appeal and rarer coins in this set and sacrifice the score.

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