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Cardinal Collection Date Set - 2nd

2003 2004 2005
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About This Set: A subset of the Cardinal Collection variety set of Early Dollars, this set includes every date, overdate, and major type in certified mint state. The key date 1794 dollar is represented by a near gem specimen from the lapped die state from the F.C.C. Boyd collection, currently encapsulated by another grading company, as well as a maginificently original AU58 specimen from the unlapped dies. This collection was sold in 2005.

Cardinal Collection Date Set

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1794 6851 1794 $1 MS63 3
Estimated grade. Displaying clean, frosty surfaces, intense cartwheel luster, and a superbly bold strike, the Cardinal specimen is widely acknowledged as the fourth finest known specimen of the famed 1794 Dollar, exceeded only by the trio of superb gem "66s". It's provenance traces to FCC Boyd, the builder of the "World's Greatest Collection," and earlier from the Virgil Brand Collection. Image.
1795 Flowing Hair 6852 1795 $1 MS64 6 1 137
"3 Leaves" dollars are represented by a cameo prooflike MS64 specimen of the BB-18 "Head of 1794" variety from the Mougey, Clapp and Eliasberg collections, as well as a sharply struck MS62 specimen of the BB-27 "Head of 1795" variety. Image.
1795 Draped Bust 6858 1795 $1 MS65 4 1 63
A fantastic fully struck specimen from the Flannagan collection -- tied for the finest 1795 dollar ever graded by PCGS. Image.
1796 6861 1796 $1 MS62 1 22
Simply the single finest 1796 dollar certified by PCGS. Image.
1797 6865 1797 $1 MS62 2 3 36
Intensely lustrous, this specimen is pedigreed to the Miles collection. Image.
1798 Small Eagle Reverse 6868 1798 $1 MS62 1 1 13
The ONLY mint state 1798 small eagle dollar certified by PCGS. This specimen is pedigreed to the Eliasberg and Flannagan collections. Image.
1798 Heraldic Eagle Reverse 6875 1798 $1 MS63 1 314
Simply the finest "Knob 9" dollar certified. Image.
1799 6878 1799 $1 MS65 1 3 24
An amazing specimen from an old time collection, this coin ranks not only as the single finest BB-164, but is also one of the very finest of all Draped Bust dollars. Undoubtedly an early strike from the dies, it displays a smooth, rather prooflike obverse. In contrast, the reverse exhibits exceptionally frosty luster, creating booming cartwheels. Image.
1800 6889 1800 $1 MS64 1 42
A beautifully lustrous, originally toned dotted date from the Faraday collection, thought by experts to even be superior to the Eliasberg (NGC-MS66) specimen. Image.
1801 6893 1801 $1 MS64 1 1 12
1801 dollars are represented by an awesome finest known MS64 example of the BB-214 "close date" variety pedigreed to the Wilson, Clapp, Eliasberg and Flannagan collections, as well as a the finest known MS-62 specimen of the BB-211 "wide date" variety. Image.
1802 40087 1802 $1 MS65 1 1 41
An amazing, frosty, iridescent gem from the Starr and Flannagan collections, tied for the finest 1802 dollar known. Image.
1803 6901 1803 $1 MS63 4 73
An amazing, finest known Large 3 dollar, with a superb presentation specimen-like striking quality. Image.