The Link Early American Silver Complete Variety Set of Lettered and Reeded Edge Capped Half Dollars

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About This Set: My major focus had been searching for high grade examples of tough Overton varities especially over the over the last fifteen years. Thanks also to many friends and mentors for helping to educate and share their profound expertise is early half dollars. Also thanks to Don Willis for the Premium set which set a standard to aim towards for all of us with our Capped Bust Half variety sets.
Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1807 Large Stars, 50/20 39356 1807 50C MS65 3 0 30
O-112 R1. Gardner. Tied Finest Known 1807 50/00 Half Dollar [with two others].
1807 Bearded Goddess 39357 1807 50C AU55 1 0 20
O.111b R5. CAC. Grey dirt original surfaces with luster emanating from underneath the original patina. Obtained by private treaty with Jason Carter on February 14, 2015.
1807 Small Stars 39359 1807 50C MS65+ 1 0 20
O.113 R2. CAC. Kaselitz and Pryor. Wunderkind eye appeal. Provenance: Ex Lester Merkin's sale of February 1972, lot 133; our (Stack's) Fraser Collection sale, March 1978, lot 308; our (Bowers and Merena's) sale of the James Bennett Pryor Collection, January 1996, lot 16; Julian Leidman; Sheridan Downey; July 2015 StacksBowers Baltimore Auction Douglas C. Kaselitz.
1807 Large Stars 39361 1807 50C MS66 1 0 10
O.114 R3. CAC. Norweb. Pogue. Finest Known 1807 Capped Half Dollar.
1808 39375 1808 50C MS67 1 0 40
O-109a R3. CAC. Pogue. Tied Finest Known 1808 Half Dollar.
1808/7 39378 1808/7 50C MS66 1 0 10
O.101 R1. Finest Known 1808/7 Half Dollar.
1809 39395 1809 50C MS66+ 2 0 20
O.106 R3. CAC. Eliasberg. Pogue. Finest Known 1809 Half Dollar.
1809 XXX Edge 39380 1809 50C MS64 1 0 10
O-102 R2. CAC. Finest Known 1809 XXX Edge Half Dollar. Original tan surfaces with moderate luster. Obtained by private treaty from Matt Kleinstruber at Eye Appealing Coins on January 25, 2017.
1809 III Edge 39387 1809 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O-109a III R2. CAC. Finest graded 1809 III edge at PCGS, slightly ahead of two MS65 gems (O-107 and O-109b). Shimmering luster and lovely iridescent colors. Per Heritage cataloger, "The heavy die crack through AMERICA, with clashed dentils behind those letters and down to the arrowheads, identifies this variety. O-109 is generally found with the III edge. From the Byers Collection, this Premium Gem is the finest known for the die state, the variety, and the edge type. The satiny silver luster and bold design motifs shine through lovely blue-green and magenta toning that is nicely balanced on both sides." Crossed from NGC MS66+ to PCGS in September, 2016. Prior sale in Heritage Auction US Coins & Platinum Night FUN Signature Auction- Orlando #1166 on January 5, 2012, Lot 3215.
1810 39416 1810 50C MS66 1 0 10
O-108 R3. Newman. CAC. Finest Known 1810 Half Dollar. Fantastic creamy orginal surfaces with stunning eye appeal for an 1810 half dollar. Crossed from NGC MS66.
1811 Large 8 39425 1811 50C MS66 1 0 10
1811 Small 8 39435 1811 50C MS67+ 1 0 10
O-110a CAC
1811/10 39421 1811/10 50C MS64+ 2 0 41
O-101a R1. CAC.
1812 39457 1812 50C MS67 1 0 10
O-110 CAC.
1812/1 Large 8 39441 1812/1 50C AU55 1 0 20
1812/1 Small 8 39443 1812/1 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O.101 R1. Kaufman. Pogue. Finest Known 1812/1 Half Dollar. Per cataloger, "Finest Certified Gem 1812/1 Half Dollar. Small 8. "Small 8 examples are scarce in all grades up to EF, where they become very scarce. True Uncirculated coins are probably non-existent, or nearly so." -- Edgar Souders, Bust Half Fever." deep blush of orange and rose at the central obverse blends into violet, pastel blue, and champagne gold. The lighter golden gray reverse is framed with bright blue and hints of violet. The luster cartwheels spectacularly around both sides, magnifying the superb toning. The strike is solid, strong on the central devices and showing only modest peripheral softness among stars and legends, those elements drawn to the rim in this die state. The overdate is bold, even to the naked eye. This specimen appears to have little competition for finest known honors. Graded MS-66 by NGC when last sold in 2009 and now certified as MS-65+ by PCGS, this became the first coin assessed at a level higher than MS-64 by PCGS. The Overton-Parsley census of 66-65-65-64-64 places this coin on top, the lone example to ever sell at auction with an MS-66 grade. Only two varieties of 1812 half dollars are struck from an overdated obverse. Overton-101, the Large 8 overdate, is quite rare, and none are known in Mint State. The Small 8 overdate is used only in the Overton-102 die marriage, making this the best preserved of all 1812/1 overdate halves extant. Provenance: Phil Kaufman Collection; Phil Kaufman to Joseph C. Thomas, via Heritage, by sale, July 2008; Joseph Thomas Collection; Heritage's sale of April 2009, lot 2410, via Larry Hanks. PCGS Population: 1, none finer. (1812/1 Small 8)." Stacks Bowers Auction of D. Brent Pogue Collection Part 2 on September 30, 2015, Lot 2012.
1813 39466 1813 50C MS65+ 1 0 21
O-106a R2. CAC. Pogue.
1813 50C/UNI 39474 1813 50C MS65 1 0 10
O-101a R4. CAC. Pogue.
1814 39477 1814 50C MS67 1 0 10
O-103 R1. CAC. Finest Known 1814 half dollar by grade. Actually, tied for another coin graded MS66+ IMHO. Per Heritage cataloger, "marvelous preservation and toning. This available die pairing is recognized on the obverse by star 7, which has one point at the juncture of the upper and lower curls on Liberty's forehead. Most examples, including the present one, show die clashing in obverse fields. Multiple vertical die lines run down to the rim from below the forward portion of the bust. On the reverse, a heavy defect ridge or die line runs from the scroll beneath the initial E, downward to the center of the left (facing) wing. The mint luster, thick and frosted, displays abundantly evident through the toning. The centers are silver-gray, with a light accent of rose surrounded by cobalt-blue at the extreme margins on each side. As is the case for many 1814 half dollars, this piece is quite sharply struck (although, as the Overton reference points out, that sharp strike came at the expense of sharp die clashing when there was no intervening planchet). As demanded at this incredible grade level, there are no visible abrasions or adjustment marks, save for the aforementioned die clashing in the fields." Crossed from NGC MS68* to PCGS in September of 2016. Obtained from Heritage US Coins Signature Auction- Long Beach #1171 on May 31, 2012, Lot 3777.
1814 Single Leaf 39481 1814 50C MS64 1 0 10
O-105a R4. Finest Known. Ex: Charlton Meyer. The cool late die state of the O-105 with only a single leaf under the eagle's wing. The late die state also shows drawn stars and lettering. The coin has strong eye appeal and appears completely original with light brown toning infused with bluish hues with solid underlying luster. Obtained from Sheridan Downey Mail Bid Sale of the Charlton Meyer Collection of capped Bust Halves on July 30, 2008. Charlton Meyer was the first collector to complete the entire 450 die marriage set without the three Crushed Lettered Edge Proof die marriages of 1833, 1834 and 1835.
1814/3 39488 1814/3 50C MS65 1 0 10
O-101a R2. CAC. Finest Known 1814/3 Half Dollar. Wonderfully clean and highly lustrous surfaces infused with rich color. Late die state with extensive die cracks encircling the obverse. Superb eye appeal for this tough overdate. Obtained from Sheridan Downey Mail Bid Sale on August 8, 2012. Lot 17. Crossed from NGC MS65 CAC to PCGS.
1814 E/A in STATES 39490 1814 50C MS64+ 1 0 20
1815/2 39491 1815/2 50C MS66 1 0 10
O.101 R2. Finest Known of this key date. A+ Eye Appeal. Per Heritage cataloger, "Ex: Kaufman. Numismatists and collectors who seek a complete date collection must acquire an 1815 half dollar. Similarly, die variety specialists require an example, and those who seek die states must have two different pieces. Many design type collectors have the formation of a complete type set of key-date coins as their goal, and the 1815 half dollar is the best candidate. Finally, a growing trend is the acquisition of "trophy coins," those pieces that combine rarity, quality, and exceptional aesthetic appeal, and this Premium Gem 1815 half dollar combines all of those factors. Demand for a specimen such as this rarity has never been higher. The finest 1815 half dollars are the present early die state piece and the Eliasberg Gem late die state specimen. Following these two pieces, we find approximately 20 other auction records of MS63 and MS64 coins over the last 20 years. However, we have no hesitation calling the present piece the finest known 1815 half dollar. It has bold central details with an almost medallic appearance, the stars at the left border are strong while those to the right are weak. Both sides have soft, frosty silver luster with grayish-gold patina, surrounded by blue-green, gold, rose, and iridescent toning. The surfaces are well-preserved, with no evidence of mishandling. This Premium Gem is one of the landmark opportunities in the current sale, and once sold, may not appear on the market for many years. Ex: The Chicago Sale (RARCOA and David W. Akers, Inc., 8/1991), lot 523; Central States Signature (Heritage, 4-5/2009), Lot 2415 per Heritage cataloger. Obtained from Heritage Platinum Auction on August 8, 2012, Lot 5143. Crossed from NGC MS66+ to PCGS MS66.
1817 39503 1817 50C MS67 1 0 10
O-110a Finest Known 1817 Half Dollar. One of the most visually stunning capped Bust Halves in existence according to a survey of those who love the series. Must be seen to be appreciated.
1817 Single Leaf 39516 1817 50C MS66 1 0 10
O-106a R4. CAC. Finest Known 1817 Single Leaf Half Dollar. Fantastic cartwheel luster with fabulous eye appeal.Lovely Kept in a long time collection unattributed as a single leaf variety. Obtained by private treaty with Joe O'Connor on January 8, 2018.
1817/3 39511 1817/3 50C MS64 1 0 23
1817/4 39514 1817/4 50C AU53 1 0 10
O.102a R7. Finest Known of this legendary rarity by 18 grading points above the PCGS VF35 Meyer O.102. Coin has great eye appeal with a halo of rainbow color. Large concentric die crack across obverse denotes the late die state that is present on most 1817/4 halves. This large crack spanning the entire obverse most likely doomed the die to failure and accounts for the rarity of this early overdate. Shares the reverse die with the more common O.103 easily spotted by the three reverse I's appearing like J's because of the missing lower right serif on the I punch. One of the 100 most important U.S. Coins. Likely the Wallis and discovery coin published in 1930 and offered in a Fixed Price List by Wallis in 1934 for $2,500. Said by Wallis to have been held in a family collection since 1846. Sold into the Pratt Collection at some point. "Rediscovered" in the Pratt Collection purchased by Al Overton in 1951. Privately sold by Al C. Overton, the author of UNITED STATES EARLY HALF DOLLAR DIE VARITIES, in 1953 for $1,500 to Louis Eliasberg. Sold at Louis E. Eliasberg Collection (Bowers and Merena/Stack's, April 1997, lot 1735) Auction and purchased by Donald Kagin and Andrew Lustig for $209,000. Sold circa June 1997 by Donald Kagin and Andrew Lustig to Dr. Juan XII Suros for a reported $250,000+.  Sold in Juan XII Suros Collection (Superior, February 1999, lot 180) to Jay Parrino & Don Kagin for approximately $184,000. Listed, but did not sell, in the 2003 ANA Sale (Bowers and Merena, July 2003, lot 14430). Sold in the Richmond II Collection (David Lawrence Rare Coins, November 2004, lot 1388) to George "Buddy" Byers for $333,500. Sold in Stack's "George "Buddy" Byers" Auction on 10/17/2006, lot 1031, for $310,500 to John Gerversoni. Sold in Stacks "Treasure of New York" Auction on 7/30/2009, lot 542, to Dr. Charles Link for $356,500. Upgraded by PCGS to AU53 on 10/17/2013 and designated O.102a in a Secure holder.
1817 181.7 39510 181.7 50C MS65 1 0 10
O-103 R3. Friend. Finest Known 1817 Dotted Date Half Dollar. Slightly darker original surfaces with underlying luster.
1818 39518 1818 50C MS67 1 0 10
O-104a CAC
1818/7 Small 8 39537 1818/7 50C MS65 1 0 11
O-102 R2. CAC. Pogue. Finest Known 1818/7 Small 8 Half Dollar.
1818/7 Large 8 405383 1818/7 50C MS65 1 0 10
1819 39542 1819 50C MS66 1 0 10
O.107 CAC. R2. Finest Known 1819 Half Dollar.
1819/8 Small 9 39555 1819/8 50C MS64+ 2 0 41
O-101 R2. CAC. Lovely orginal surfaces with strong cartwheel luster infused with blue-green toning.
1819/8 Large 9 39556 1819/8 50C MS66 1 0 30
O-104 R2. CAC. Pogue. Per Stack's cataloger, "1819 Peculiar 9, believed to be struck over 1818." -- W. Elliot Woodward, 1862." A pristine gem, awash with lustrous cartwheel over ideally frosty deep gray surfaces that reveal the merest hints of bright color when lit. Stellar quality for any coin of this era, with a strike as bold as its visual appeal. No areas of softness can be found, and no marks of consequence are present. A pair of contact points before Liberty's lips and another behind the eagle's head may be all that separate this coin from an even more wondrous numerical grade. Coined from an early state of the dies with no cracks or other anomalies. The overdate, chiefly visible as an extra area of metal between the tip of the lower loop of the 9 and the closed top loop, is seen under low magnification. Five different obverse dies of 1819 show an 1819/8 overdate, though one obverse (used in the Overton-105 die marriage) has inspired some disagreement on its status. Overton's obverse 2 was used in two different pairings (Overton-102 and Overton-103), making for six total 1819/8 die varieties. Breen divides them simply into the Small 9, Italic 5 on reverse (Overton-101), the Large 9, Italic 5 (Overton-102 and 103), and the Large 9, Upright 5 (Overton 104 through 106). As many as five different die varieties were known to J. Colvin Randall, as published in the Haseltine Type-Table in 1881, but even earlier the overdates of 1819 caught the attention of catalogers. In W. Elliot Woodward's Finotti Collection sale of September 1862, he describes one lot as "1819 Peculiar 9, equally fine, believed to be struck over 1818." The same sale included 1817/3, 1818/7, and 1820/19 overdates alongside their "perfect date" counterparts, suggesting that interest in overdate varieties extends to the very earliest era of date collecting. Cataloged as the finest 1819 half dollar ever graded by PCGS when it was offered in 1989, this specimen has never relinquished that title. Today, more than 25 years later, PCGS has certified just three coins of this date at the MS-66 level. All three of them are in the D. Brent Pogue Collection. Among other high grade examples from these dies are the Winsor-Eliasberg-Kaufman and Soros coins, both graded MS-66 by NGC, but this piece stands alone among Overton-102s atop the PCGS Population Report. The best evidence for its status as finest known is the voice of the market: this coin’s May 2008 price realized was nearly twice what the Eliasberg-Kaufman coin brought in 2009 and more than 70% higher than the price of the Soros coin when it sold in 2014. ProvenanceSuperior Galleries' sale of the Jascha Heifetz Collection, October 1989, lot 665; Heritage's sale of May 2008, lot 529; Richard Burdick, by sale, July 2008. PCGS Population : 2, none finer. (1819/8 Large 9)."
1820 Curl Base 2, Small Date 39564 1820 50C MS64 1 0 21
1820 Square 2, Large Date, Knob 2 39565 1820 50C MS64 2 0 62
1820 Square 2, Large Date, No Knob 39570 1820 50C MS66+ 1 0 10
O-108 CAC. Finest Known 1820 Half Dollar
1820 No Serifs 6124 1820 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O-107 R5. CAC. Finest Known. Ex: Kaufman. Prior sale from C. Joseph Thomas Collection Kaufman Collection - Heritage April 1, 2009, Lot 2423. Obtained from Joe O'Connor by private treaty on December 25, 2016.
1820/19 Square Base 2 39572 1820/19 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O-101a R2. CAC. Pogue. Finest Known 1820/19 Square 2 Half Dollar.
1820/19 Curl Base 2 6126 1820/19 50C MS64 3 0 31
O.102 R1. CAC. Tied Finest Known 1820/19 Curl 2 Half Dollars [with PCGS MS65 with faint obverse scratch]. Per cataloger, "Curl Base 2, O-102, R.1, MS64 PCGS. CAC. Although not a rare die marriage in the Capped Bust half dollar series, this is a distinct variety which merits its own listing in the Guide Book. The O-102 variety is readily identifiable, featuring a bold overdate and the Curl Base 2 in the date. Bust coinage of the 1820s employed both Curl Base and Square Base 2s, most famously on the rare 1827 quarter, which was struck with both styles. This CAC-approved example is beautifully toned, with light, gray color predominating. Blue, green, and yellow shades underlay the medium toning on both obverse and reverse. Colorful bands at the rims surround the central figures, particularly on the reverse. For the variety, PCGS has graded one coin at MS64, one at MS64+, and one at MS65 (12/14)." Obtaibed at Heritage Long Beach Auction #1217 on January 29, 2015, Lot 3125.
1821 39586 1821 50C MS66+ 1 0 10
O-107 CAC. Finest known 1821 Half Dollar.
1822 39591 1822 50C MS67+ 1 0 10
O-106. CAC. R3. Finest Known 1822 Half Dollar. Blazing cartwheel luster and color with pristine surfaces. Visually stunning eye appeal. Obtained by private treaty from Numismatic Americana on August 15, 2018.
1822/1 39604 1822/1 50C MS66 1 0 10
O-101 R1. CAC. Pittman. Pogue. Finest Known 1822/1 Half Dollar.
1823 39611 1823 50C MS66 1 0 20
O-107 R1. Eliasberg. Tied Finest Known 1823 Half Dollar at PCGS and Finest Known at NGC. This coin was the only coin that either NGC or PCGS graded MS67. Lovely satin surfaces that are exceptionally clean. Strong sparkling cartwheel luster. From Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Estate (Bowers and Merena, April 1997, Lot 1795.
1823 Broken 3 39620 1823 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O.101 R3. CAC. Pogue. Finest known 1823 patched 3 Half Dollar. Crossed from NGC MS66 star holder.
1823 Patched 3 39621 1823 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O.101a R1. CAC. Pogue. Finest known 1823 patched 3 Half Dollar.
1823 Ugly 3 39623 1823 50C MS65 1 0 10
O.110a R3. CAC. Pogue. Finest known 1823 Ugly 3 Half Dollar.
1824 39639 1824 50C MS66 1 0 64
1824/1 39640 1824/1 50C MS65 1 0 10
O.101 R1. CAC. Pryor. Pogue. Finest known 1823 patched 3 Half Dollar.
1824/4 39643 1824/4 50C MS66 1 0 10
1824 Various Overdates 6138 1824 50C MS64 8 1 91
O-103 R2. CAC. Eliasberg. Kaufman. Lovely grey dirt original surfaces with underlying luster. Completely original.
1825 39650 1825 50C MS66+ 1 0 20
O.104 R4+. "This half dollar is so much more than a Premium Gem. It has amazing eye appeal with green, rose, and iridescent toning on the obverse, and light gold on the reverse. The strike is bold and well-centered, and the surfaces are highly lustrous and pristine. An amazing example, but also an extremely important offering," per Heritage cataloger. Obtained from Heritage Galleries' Auction Auction #1175 on October 12, 2012.
1826 39689 1826 50C MS66 1 0 103
1827 Square Base 2 39697 1827 50C MS66 1 0 61
1827 Curl Base 2 39750 1827 50C MS65 2 0 20
O.147 R4. Curl 2. Finest Known. Shimmering blue with lovely original and lustrous surfaces. Wonderful eye appeal and tied with one other for this tougher Redbook variety that only constitutes 2 of the 49 die marriages of the prolific 1827 Overton varieties. The O.147 Curl 2 is tougher to obtain than her O.146 Curl 2 cousin. Obtained by private treaty from Joe O'Connor on August 14, 2015.
1827/6 39752 1827/6 50C MS66+ 1 0 10
O-102 CAC. Eliasberg and Kaufman. Finest Known.
1828 Curl Base 2, No Knob 39756 1828 50C MS65+ 1 0 11
1828 Curl Base 2, Knob 39759 1828 50C MS65 1 0 31
O-106 R4+. CAC. Finest Known 1828 Curl Base Knob 2 Half Dollar.
1828 Square Base 2, Large 8's 39763 1828 50C MS66+ 1 0 10
O-109 R3. CAC. Green. Newman. Finest Known 1828 Square 2 Large 8 Half Dollar. Crossed from NGC MS66+.
1828 Square Base 2, Small 8's, Large Letters 39778 1828 50C MS66 1 0 41
O.122 R3. Finest Known. Striking and dramatic orange with neon blue periphery. Cartwheel luster and exceptionally clean surfaces. Obtained from Legend Numismatics Auction on December 18, 2014.
1828 Square Base 2, Small 8's, Small Letters 6152 1828 50C MS65 1 0 20
O.119 R3. Finest Known of this tough Redbook variety at PCGS. Per Heritage cataloger,"Ex: "Colonel" E.H.R. Green; Green Estate; Partnership of Eric P. Newman / B.G. Johnson d.b.a. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.; Eric P. Newman @ $4.00; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society; Newman Part II (Heritage, 11/2013), lot 33457, which brought $21,150." Obtained from Heritage Auction on April 23, 2014, Lot 4367. Of note, an NGC MS66 has been reported as well.
1829/7 39807 1829/7 50C MS66 1 0 10
O-101 R1. CAC. Pogue. Tied Finest Known 1829/7 Half Dollar [with Green/Newman coin in NGC MS66].
1829 506728 1829 50C MS66+ 1 0 20
O-105a R1. Pogue. Finest Known 1929 Half Dollar
1829 Large Letters 39792 1829 50C MS66 1 0 10
1830 Small 0 39812 1830 50C MS66+ 2 0 21
O-103 R1. CAC. Eliasberg. Pogue. Second Finest 1830 Small O Half Dollar. Wonderful original grey dirt surfaces imbued with color.
1830 Large 0 39833 1830 50C MS66 1 0 21
O-122 R1. CAC. Green. Newman. Finest Known 1830 Large O Half Dollar.
1830 Large Letters 39836 1830 50C MS63 3 0 30
O-114 R5. Large Letters Reverse. Possible Finest Known 1830 Large Letters Half Dollar.
1831 39843 1831 50C MS66+ 1 0 11
O-107 CAC
1832 Small Letters 39860 1832 50C MS67 1 0 10
1832 Large Letters 39886 1832 50C MS64 1 0 81
1833 39903 1833 50C MS67+ 1 0 11
O-114 R2. CAC. Pittman. Pogue.
1834 Large Date, Large Letters 39906 1834 50C MS66 1 0 30
O-102. R.1. CAC. Strong eye appeal with outstanding original surfaces with concentric infusion of burnt orange and tan toning. Strong uniform strike both obverse and reverse. Obtained by private treaty with Brian Kendrella at Stacks Bowers on February 26, 2019.
1834 Large Date, Small Letters 39910 1834 50C MS67 1 0 10
1834 Small Date, Small Letters 39926 1834 50C MS66 1 0 32
O-121. Finest Known. Obtained from Legend Auctions
1835 39934 1835 50C MS66 1 0 11
O-108 R3. Second Finest Known 1835 Half Dollar.
1836 Lettered Edge 39948 1836 50C MS66+ 1 0 20
O-113 R2. CAC. Pogue.
1836/1336 Overdate 39957 1836/1336 50C MS65 1 0 10
1836 Bar Dot 39960 1836 50C MS65 3 0 30
O-118 R3. Bar Dot. CAC. Tied Finest Known 1836 Bar Dot Half Dollar. Lovely rainbow toning with flashy cartwheel luster. Obtained from Bill Shamhardt at Numismatic Americana on November 14, 2013
1836 Beaded Reverse 39966 1836 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
O-106 R1. Beaded Border. CAC. Finest Known 1836 Beaded Border Half Dollar. Strong cartwheel luster and eye appeal. Original in all respects. Obtained by private treaty with Phil Hinkelman at Eye Appealing Coins on June 15, 2018.
1836 50/00 39964 1836 50C MS65 1 0 20
1836 Reeded Edge 531046 1836 50C MS65+ 1 0 10
GR-1 R.7 Finest Known. Obtained from Stacks Bowers Auction of the D. Brent Pogue Collection on May 24, 2016, Lot 4002.
1837 Reeded Edge 531065 1837 50C MS66 1 0 62
GR-18 CAC. R.1 Finest known. Among the finest known of all 1837 halves.
1838 Reeded Edge 6177 1838 50C MS66+ 1 0 10
GR-1 CAC. Eliasberg. Finest Known 1838 Half Dollar. Lovely original toning with excellent eye appeal and surfaces. Crossed from NGC MS67 to PCGS MS66+ on 6/23/2017.
1839 Reeded Edge 531102 1839 50C MS66 1 0 10
GR-5 CAC. R.2 Finest Known 1839 Half Dollar. Terrific eye appeal and originality. Obtained from Stacks Bowers Auction of the D. Brent Pogue Collection on may 24, 2016, Lot 4009.
1839 Reeded Edge, Small Letters 531098 1839 50C XF45+ 1 0 11
GR-1 R.7 Small Letter Reverse. Second Finest Known. The key to the Redbook set of Reeded Edge Halves. Discovery Coin for this major Redbook variety. Formerly in the Charlton Meyer Collection. Obtained from the Stacks Bowers Auction of the D. Brent Pogue Collection on May 24, 2016.
1839-O 531106 1839-O 50C MS66 1 1 41
GR-1 R1. CAC. Tied for Finest Known? Ex: Gene Gardner. Terrific eye appeal with central orange with peripheral matching blue toning on the obverse and reverse. Impressively clean surfaces for the grade with essentially no visible marks. More than 90% of 1839-O halves are of the GR-1 variety. As an aside, there are two unique die marraiges currently of Reeded Edge Halves and they are both 1839-O, GR-2 and GR-3. Obtained from the Heritage Auction of the Eugene Gardner Collection on June 23, 2014.


Unrivaled. Simply superlative. I'm at a loss for words. Lance.

Posted at 10/28/2017 10:03 PM by lkeigwin


Posted at 5/29/2017 12:26 PM by Abuelo

Truly a World Class set from every way! Congrats for such a great accomplishment!!!!

Posted at 8/22/2014 9:57 PM by EastonCollection

Even I am blown away! What a collection. I LOVE your 1809-I do not recall ever seeing one so nice! You did a heck of job!

Posted at 6/28/2013 10:53 AM by LEGENDNUMIS1

Beautiful 1822 upgrade, and the 1828 Curl Base, Knob O.106 is a one-of-a-kind coin. Most people have no idea how important that coin is--and it's absolutely stunning!

Posted at 5/28/2013 12:06 PM by Earlyhalves

My gosh Chuck, what amazing additions and all at the same time

Posted at 5/9/2013 7:44 PM by Bustnut

Ok, Upgrading the three key 1807's at one time is just wrong. Good grief, those are amazing coins!!!!

Posted at 5/8/2013 11:46 AM by Earlyhalves

Wow the new 1829 is spectacular.

Posted at 3/6/2013 5:43 PM by Bustnut

Beautiful 1830 Lg O! THIS SET IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Posted at 7/11/2012 4:38 PM by Earlyhalves

Great addition Chuck, absolutely fabulous coin.

Posted at 6/9/2012 5:09 PM by Bustnut

Congratulations Chuck; Bustnut

Posted at 5/10/2012 5:47 PM by Bustnut

The legendary Eliasberg 1817/4 Half Dollar finally surfaces in the Link Collection. You have crowned your set with the most famous bust half in existence. Congratulations!

Posted at 8/31/2011 5:47 PM by Earlyhalves

WOW! congratulations on the new "Queen" Chuck; what a fabulous find

Posted at 8/21/2011 8:31 AM by Bustnut

WOW! That's a pretty 1814! What an eye, Chuck.

Posted at 5/20/2011 8:16 AM by Earlyhalves

This is destined to be one of the most spectacular collections of Capped Bust Halves ever assembled. Happy collecting

Posted at 3/16/2010 2:32 PM by Earlyhalves

some fantastic coins, and will rival the best collections ever, not just PCGS ones, before long. Bustnut

Posted at 3/13/2010 12:54 PM by Bustnut

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