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About This Set: BOTBOTW: (1878-1921) The "Ultimate" challenge and goal for this set is to find the best "Low Ball" Morgan dollar example or grade from each date and mint. Every coin within this set has an interesting & incredible story to tell if we will take the time to listen to them. Like one such Morgan dollar that was in one family for several generations and passed down over twenty+ years ago with this 1879-O PO01 which was graded on (07/16/2010). Then there was an internet posting as late as 01/21/2008 asking for information on locating a 1878 7/8TF PO01. This is one of those crowning pieces and also considered a "Ultra Rare" and extremely scarce 1878 7/8TF "Strong" VAM-37 PO01. Not to be out done but now there are three 1878 7/8TF PO01s all different VAM PO01s ( VAM-40 & VAM-41). Another recent discovery was the 1879-S Rev78 PO01. At first it looked like a regular "S" or "O" mint until closer examination of the arrow feathers confirmed it to be the first 1879-S Rev78 VAM. This next addition was a 1890-S PO01. Pulled from a dealer's junk bucket in early January 2012 and PCGS confirmed it to be the very first "S" PO01 from the 1890s. Yet another of the latest major discoveries was a 1884-S PO01 confirmed on (05/01/2012) by PCGS to be the first example graded. There was rumors of a RAW 1884-S PO01 out there for years and maybe this is what all the talk was about. Some of the other biggest surprises discovered in recent past include the very first elusive 1878-S PO01s non VAM Top100s, 1878 8TF PO01s, 1878 8TF VAM-8 PO01, 1878 7/8TF "Strong" VAM-40 PO01, 1878 7TF Rev 78 PO01s, 1878-CC PO01s, 1879-P PO01s, 1879-CC PO01s, 1879-CC VAM-3 PO01, 1879-O PO01s, 1879-S Rev 78 PO01s, 1880-P PO01, 1880-CC PO01, 1880-CC VAM-4 PO01, 1880-CC VAM-5 PO01, 1880-CC VAM-7 PO01, 1880-O PO01s, 1880-S VAM-9 PO01, 1880-S VAM-10 PO01, 1880-S VAM-11 PO01, 1880-S PO01s, 1881-P PO01s, 1881-O PO01s, 1881-S PO01s, 1882-P PO01s, 1882-CC PO01, 1882-O PO01s, 1882-O/S VAM-3 PO01, 1882-O/S VAM-4 PO01s, 1882-S PO01s, 1883-P PO01s, 1883-CC PO01s, 1883-O PO01s, 1884-P PO01s, 1884-O PO01s, 1884-S PO01s, 1885-P PO01, 1885-CC PO01, 1885-O PO01s, 1885-S PO01, 1886-O PO01, 1886-S PO01, 1886-S VAM-2 PO01, 1887-P PO01s, 1887/6-P VAM-2 PO01, 1887-S PO01s, 1888-O PO01s, 1888-O VAM-4 PO01s, 1888-S PO01s, 1889-P PO01, 1889-CC PO01s, 1889-O PO01s, 1889-S PO01s, 1890-CC PO01, 1890-CC VAM-4 PO01s, 1890-O PO01, 1891-P PO01, 1891-CC PO01, 1891-O PO01s, 1892-P PO01s, 1892-CC PO01, 1892-O PO01, 1892-S PO01s, 1893-P PO01s, 1893-O PO01s, 1894-P FR02, 1894-O PO01s, 1894-S PO01s, 1895-O PO01s, 1895-S PO01s, 1896-O PO01s, 1896-S PO01s, 1897-P PO01s, 1897-S PO01, 1898-P PO01s, 1898-O PO01s, 1898-S PO01s, 1899-P PO01s, 1899-O PO01s, 1899-O VAM-4 micro o PO01, 1899-S PO01s, 1900-P PO01, 1900-S PO01, 1901-P PO01, 1901-O PO01s, 1901-S PO01, 1902-P PO01, 1902-O PO01s, 1902-S PO01, 1903-P PO01s, 1903-O PO01, 1903-S PO01s, 1903-S Micro s PO01, 1904-O PO01s, 1904-S PO01, 1921-P PO01s, 1921-D VAM-1A PO01, 1921-D PO01s and the 1921-S PO01s. To begin the twentieth century in style this 1900-S PO01 saved for many years was PCGS graded 06/12/2011 making it a remarkable Morgan dollar to be sure. This next Morgan dollar the 1892-P PO01 which is a coin hard to come by was ultimately confirmed and PCGS graded on 10/31/2013. The newly graded 1888-S PO01 (01/10/2014) resting up within this set has definitely seen some serious travel time. The next latest coin to grace this set is the 1902-P PO01 PCGS graded 01/11/2014. This coin ranks #1 among the most challenging and researched graded PO01 coins thus far. Well worth all the effort that went into it. Then this 1904-O PO01 PCGS graded on 02/27/2014 was discovered. The most recent addition is the 1903-O PO01 PCGS graded on 03/24/2014. This coin in low ball grades such as FR02s is extremely difficult to find since the vast majority were never circulated as much as other coins. Just in a freshly PCGS graded on 03/26/2014 is the 1894-P FR02. The latest Morgan to be PCGS graded on 05/12/2014 is the 1887-S PO01. This example was discovered hiding in a junk box. A near cull but the "S" mint mark stood out enough to be confirmed. Then this 1898-P PO01 PCGS graded on 08/22/2014 was found. A Morgan dollar so scarce in this grade that for almost six years the lone 1898-P FR02 stood tall as the best example ever seen and graded that low till now and now a second PO01 has been found. This scarce & very elusive 1904-S PO01 PCGS graded on 12/15/2014 was a great discovery coin and completes all the 1904s in PO01 grades and marks the last PO01 graded for the year (2014). The first two discovery coins of 2015 in this set are the 1895-O PO01 & 1899-P PO01 both PCGS graded on 01/13/2015. The 1895-O PO01 has eluded every low ball collection since its inception. The 1899-P PO01 follows close behind the 1898-P PO01. This particular 1899-P PO01 is said to be a very elusive coin by several experts. Within this set you will see several coins (22) that hold the distinction of being a "One of a Kind" coins. The new 1893-O PO01 PCGS graded 01/26/2015 marks yet another milestone for this set. With the (3) 1893-CC PO01s that have stood tall as the only PO01s ever graded for this year from any mint prior to this day. Now this 1893-P PO01 graded 07/24/2015 is another tough example resting up in this set with another graded recently. Still it's a "Tribute" to collecting some of the finest low ball coins currently graded and assembled into one set. "Its still a work in progress for now" and will change from time to time with any new discoveries. Fun - yes, frustrating & challenging at times - you bet. But often times very rewarding when you discover something new for a low ball coin never before seen or graded this low. It is with great respect, appreciation, pains taking time, effort, and extensive research that this set is where it is at today. This set became the first Top Pop Morgan Dollar low ball set on 08/20/2013 subject to change. Then this 1889-S PO01 PCGS graded 02/27/2015 marks yet another milestone for this set. The latest addition a PCGS graded 1900-P PO01 02/26/2016 marks the 95th PO01 resting up in this set. No easy feat when this collection was being built up way back when. The next great example graded at PCGS in this set was the 1894-P PO01 a coin so rare in a PO01 grade that it took experts to uncover the VAM-3 PUP on the reverse. PCGS graded this example on 04/25/2018 making it the 96th PO01 coin in this set. The "Last" remaining coin of the (97) Morgan Dollar series for this set was Authenticated and graded a 1893-S PO01 on 01/04/2019. All though two 1893-S PO01 examples have now been graded by PCGS these last two coins stand out in the never ending quest for perfection in a low ball set. This set currently displays (17) Top Pop Pop 1 examples as of 01/04/2019. The summit has now been reached. Thank you again for your interest in this truly unique and most challenging Morgan Dollar Basic Low Ball set. Created: 01/11/2011 - Latest Upgrade/Update: 01/05/2019
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I have really enjoyed dealing with you and learning the history of this great collection. I feel very fortunate to have some of these legendary coins in my own collection.

Posted at 9/16/2021 8:23 AM by NORSE

Today on the phone was super interesting and informative! What you have created is truly amazing! Finding the diamonds in the rough! Keep up the hunt!!

Posted at 5/3/2021 3:05 PM by AKtoID2020

Amazing, Amazing Mike. Your time and effort really show here. Everyone of these coins have a great story.
Keep up the good work as you set the standard for the rest of us.

Posted at 12/28/2020 7:31 AM by lopezjohn

I enjoyed reading up on this set and amazed that a perfect PO01 set finally was completed after nearly nine years of work and dedication. Me and Belle and Elsa wanted to say we're all impressed by your accomplishment.

Posted at 10/28/2020 10:22 PM by Springer mom

Wow, interesting concept. No doubt this is a very challenging feat to accomplish with coins that often didn't see much circulation. Congrats on putting together the greatest "Awful" set of Morgan's ever !!

Posted at 10/1/2020 7:26 AM by SDanna1969

Set of sets!! Truly a superb accomplishment, and one that's for the ages! If someone told me to go out and put together such a set, I think the first thing to happen would be my head exploding 😊😊! My favorite date is the 94 Philadelphia!

Posted at 4/7/2020 3:10 PM by Lance

The dedication and effort here is astounding. Finding or grading so many PO-01 coins takes phenomenal effort and you need to be congratulated for this set. Short of PCGS changing the criteria this set could be matched but never bested.

Posted at 2/3/2020 9:14 AM by HawkeEye

A truly incredible set of lowball Morgan’s.

Posted at 1/26/2020 2:04 PM by larstein

I am mesmerized Michael was able to amass such a Low Ball collection. The historic story of each coin in "About this Set" is impressive. If each coin could talk, this would be an interesting book in the making! Truly deserving of HOF status! Dave

Posted at 12/2/2019 2:16 PM by Dave in So. Maine

This set really is a marvel. It has occurred to me, I commented that this was the first Morgan basic set on any level to achieve finest possible rating but, I've had second thoughts. I do believe this is the first complete date and mintmark set of any coin on any level to achieve the finest possible set rating. THAT is what legends are made of.

Posted at 7/3/2019 3:38 PM by Morganhunter

97 PO01's in one set. Truly an amazing feat!!

Posted at 6/28/2019 6:44 PM by bobvvv1

This set truly IS the "End of the Trail". That trail you made has inspired many and will continue to inspire those who choose to follow that trail. Your continued diligence and persistence in contributing to the lowball community have made lowball collecting much more possible for me and those lowball collectors to come. This is the first complete basic Morgan set on any level to achieve the finest grade possible and you have a lot to be proud of here.

Posted at 6/13/2019 3:48 PM by Morganhunter

How one person could find so many solo Pop 1 PO01 coins is amazing. This truly is a set worthy of Hall of Fame status.

Posted at 2/20/2019 2:27 PM by rickfortin

On 1/6/2015 I posted on this set and it had 7 FR02's at that time. 4 years later no FR02's only PO01's. You have put a lot of work into this set and it is one that you should be proud of. Lot's of searching here. :)

Posted at 1/6/2019 7:03 PM by bobvvv1

I'm amazed at all the Top Pops this collection has. You have done a remarkable job building this set as well as sharing all the stories these coins have something to say about. Congratulations on a fine job. ~

Posted at 7/11/2018 11:34 PM by [email protected]

Every serious low ball collector needs to just take another look at this great set every now and then to rekindle their fire and passion as to what can
be accomplished. Thanks for bringing HOF recognition to the lowball category on the Registry.

Posted at 1/3/2018 10:55 AM by Walker

Michael, thank you for sharing your collection from inception to its retirement with others. Your "End of The Trail" , Hall of Fame (HOF) collection is the beginning of the trail for others . thanks again for letting me become a keeper of part of your collection. you are a living legend !

Posted at 12/4/2017 6:10 AM by smthfldva

I thought I was "OBSESSED" about my collection. "WOW" ! ! ! Mike. What a Numismatic Legacy. I'd love to read every story behind each coin. I'm sure I would be captivated to the end and still wanting more. This is a GREAT WORK you have assembled. I wish you well in your quest for PERFECTION. Thank you for ths wondeful contrubution for our viewing/reading enjoyment. Mi¢hael Hassler

Posted at 4/9/2015 8:36 PM by mhassler

This just a great looking set. Only 7 FR02's in the whole set and the rest PO01's. It's only a matter of time until they are all PO01. Excellent work on this set.

Posted at 1/6/2015 9:13 PM by bobvvv1

I love this set. I had so much fun reading it!!!!!!

Posted at 5/5/2013 10:04 AM by jasonodegard

This is a great accomplishment. It is so difficult to find gradable PO1 and FR2 coins. You have done a awesome job here Mike, From Friends in Low Places

Posted at 1/14/2013 6:05 AM by RT

Awesome LowBall Set. People just do not know how hard it is to find gradable coins in this condition because most coins this worn have damage or other issues that keep them from being graded.

Posted at 11/3/2012 1:15 PM by RT

You have put together an "unreal" set of Morgans. How many were "saved" from the melting pot.

Posted at 10/24/2012 8:20 PM by bobvvv1

You have a magnificent set. I hope you can find the last Coins to complete this set perfectly. Nick

Posted at 10/24/2012 2:14 AM by Nickcap

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