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1868-SY Sov VF30 PCGS #113182

x Coin rotated 45 degrees

1880-S Sov S-3855 Shield ?ICTORIA AU50 PCGS #506960

x Reserve bank of Australia coins

1926(m,sy) 6D 2 with Serif MS62 PCGS #546467

A small number of the 1926 sixpences were struck on the re-used proof dies and show a serif on the base of the '2' in the date. The 'serifed 2' was first used on the 1920 Sixpence and last appeared on the 1928 Sixpence, but was not used on the major production run of the 1926 sixpences which have a straight bar on the base of the '2'. The 1926 Sixpence with the 'serifed 2' is the much rarer variety and is further distinguished by the strong curvature to the base of lettering in the legend which again does not occur on the other variety of the date. It is probably the product of one reverse die and has a mintage of perhaps 100,000. Although there is no recorded mintage of a Sydney-struck 1926 Sixpence, the occurrence of examples of this variety in the Dixson Collection in the State Library of NSW (Mitchell Library) provides some evidence that they were struck in Sydney before the closure of the Mint in that year