anilgupta's Coin Album

1939(B) Rupee SW-9.13 Reeded Edge MS63 PCGS #426224

Thanks to Mr. Mohammad Khalid to locate this beauty for this collection.

2015-P $1 Harry S. Truman Rev Proof PR70 PCGS #545176

Thanks to Bob ( ebay seller "exhawkco") to let me buy this coin.

2000 1C MS66RD PCGS #3160

This 1 cent coin is from a "CHEERIO" box.The sacagawea $ is certified as a "cheerio" rarity but this 1 cent is certified as MS66RD only. (NOT fair for this numismatic speciman)

2000-P SAC$1 Wounded Eagle MS66 PCGS #147883

Thanks to Mr.Marty pokojski of Saginaw, Michigan to sweeten this deal.