BobLande's Coin Album

1854 50C BG-304A N1 PCGS #45441

BG 304A One of two known I also have a BG 304B from the Jack Totheroh collection which BG says is unique. For some reason the PCGS system will not let me load this one, however.

1854 50C BG-304B AU58 PCGS #45442

Unique! Discovered by Jack Totheroh. I purchased this in the Totheroh sale.

1853 $1 BG-604 Eagle N1 PCGS #10520

One of two known of this variety.

No Date 25C BG-201 MS62 PCGS #10386

BG 201. Approximately 6 known. I also own a certified BG 217A, which is unique, but for some reason the PCGS Registry system will not allow me to add it.

1853 50C BG-301 Eagle AU58 PCGS #10416

BG 301. 5 certified, 15 or fewer known

1853 50C BG-402 Eagle MS63 PCGS #10438

BG 402. 2 known. This is the Roe piece. I also own a BG 410 which is at least this rare and could be unique.

1854 $1 BG-529 AU50 PCGS #10506

BG 529. BG calls it unique. But two others have since appeared.