The PCGS 2020 Quarter Quest

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The U.S. Mint will release 2,000,000 of each of the five different designs of 2020-W quarters into circulation, for a total mintage of 10,000,000 2020 America the Beautiful quarters bearing the “W” Mint Mark. The 2020-W quarters will also include a privy mark featuring “V75” surrounded by an outline of the Rainbow Pool at the heart of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, a first for this coin series.

In 2019, PCGS launched a first-of-its-kind Quarter Quest set to celebrate National Coin Week. As collectors around the U.S. get excited for 2020’s National Coin Week, PCGS will again be offering special limited-edition pedigrees and rewards for the first submissions of the 2020-W quarters to PCGS for authentication and grading.

As a part of the PCGS 2020 Quarter Quest, you can build and compete with a set of all five variations of the 2020-W quarters bearing the “W” West Point mint mark and graded Mint State.

Let the hunt begin!

Notes: Each of the 2020-W quarters that receive the “First Discovery” pedigree will receive five bonus points. Coins receiving the “First Week” pedigree will receive three bonus points, coins receiving the “Early Find” pedigree will receive one bonus point, all other coins and labels will not receive bonus points.

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