Copper Lane Collection's Coin Album

1958 10C MS66 PCGS #5116

Red rusty toning on obverse

1979-P SBA$1 MS66 PCGS #9571

Narrow Rim

1982-D 50C Washington MS68 PCGS #9600

First year issue

1986 $1 Silver Eagle MS69 PCGS #9801

First Year Issue

2004 $10 Statue of Liberty MS69 PCGS #21104

Lower mintage (15k) - 4th lowest out of 12 year run

1946 10C MS66FB PCGS #85082

Rainbow Crest on Reverse

1950-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #85095

Blast White Gem with QA verification

1952 10C MS67FB PCGS #85100

Golden Obverse with slight hints of red & Reverse has Blue fields

1959 10C MS67FB PCGS #85118

Blue fields on both Obverse & Reverse

1962 10C MS66FB PCGS #85124

Reverse has an attractive green bullseye toning with a gold center. Obverse shows color on chin and neck.

2017-S 5C Enhanced Unc Set FDI SP70FS PCGS #637939

225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Set

2005-D 25C California Satin Finish SP68 PCGS #914035

First year of uncirculated satin finish