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1857 1C Flying Eagle MS66 PCGS #2016

Obverse of 1857 - Normal dies

1857 1C Flying Eagle MS66 PCGS #2016

Obverse of 1857 - Normal dies

1857 1C Flying Eagle MS66 PCGS #2016

Obverse of 1857 - Normal dies

1858 1C Large Letters MS67 PCGS #2019

LL - High leaves - normal dies

1858 1C Small Letters MS63 PCGS #2020

SL S-13 - same as PR-1 Die Pair for this example, but hard to call "proof format" just in appearance. It is not clear whether S-13 in Snow's book are photos of a PR-1 in MS format or not.

1858 1C Small Letters MS64 PCGS #2020

SL S-15 CAC ** My Discovery Coin **

1858 1C Small Letters MS66+ PCGS #2020

SL LL normal dies CAC

1858/7 1C Strong MS65 PCGS #2022

LL S-01 Strong

1858 1C Small Letters PR65+ PCGS #2043

SL PR-3. and PT-09. Low Leaves. (CAC) These seem to be struck during the creation of the 1858 pattern sets. Many are seen with less than typical proof quality, however this one has obvious proof qualities. Diagnostics include broken U hub and a line in denticles below right ribbon.

1858 1C Small Letters PR66 PCGS #2043

SL PR-1 and PT-10. High Leaves. (Only six known) This is an important variety as it shows the old high leaves reverse paired with the new small letters. This is one of six known, and is also listed in the pattern section of Snow's book under PT-10. These were likely struck when the Large Letter proofs were struck, and not later when the pattern sets were struck and sold.

1858 1C Small Letters PR65+ CAM PCGS #2044

SL- PR-2. CAC Note full U hub and mirrored surfaces on both sides.

1864 1C L on Ribbon XF45BN PCGS #2079

This is the highest graded Copper Nickel example of an 1864 CN with L. PCGS has not designated the variety yet.

1869 1C MS66+ RD PCGS #2096

CAC - S-3

1870 1C MS65RD PCGS #2099

CAC Bold-N

1870 1C MS66+ RD PCGS #2099

CAC Shallow N

1872 1C MS65+ RD PCGS #2105


1859 1C PR65 PCGS #2247

Shield Reverse Proof format

1885 1C PR67BN PCGS #2342

CAC Aurora Borealis

1856 1C J-182 PR62+ BN PCGS #11799

S-04(c), J-182, P-216. (Population 1/0) Bronze. Pointed "U", Low Leaves. PCGS shows one coin graded 64, however that coin is from the S-05 die pairing. Tested to 93%Cu, 3.8% Sn, 2.6% Zn. 46.60 grs.

1856 1C J-183 PR62 PCGS #11805

S-04(d), J-183, P-217. (Population 2/1) Nickel alloy. Pointed "U", Low Leaves. Pedigree: B&R RCR from issue 26-31 (1978); FUN 1996; Don Kagin; Steve Brewer; Kagin 3/17:1061.

1858 1C J-191 PR65 PCGS #11840

PT-14, J191a, P-233. CAC

1858 1C J-193 PR65 PCGS #11844

PT-11a, J-193, P-325

1858 1C J-198 PR65 PCGS #11856

PT-03, J-198, P229

1858 1C J-202 PR65 PCGS #11867

PT-19a, J-202a. P-245.

1858 1C J-203 PR65 PCGS #11869

PT-18, J-203, P-247.

1858 1C J-207 PR65BN PCGS #11879

PT-16c, J-207, P-243.

1858 1C J-207a PR64 PCGS #11883

PT-16d, J-207a, P-244. CAC

1858 1C J-208 PR65 PCGS #11885

PT-34, J-208c, P-253. 5 leaf. rounded bust, very rare less than 5 known; was in NGC 64 gold cac

1858 1C J-208 PR66 PCGS #11885

PT-28a, J-208a, -P-259. MS

1858 1C J-208 PR66 PCGS #11885

PT-28a, J-208a, P-259. PR CAC

1858 1C J-211 PR64 PCGS #11893

PT-33, J-211b, P-255.

1858 1C J-211 PR66 PCGS #11893

PT-26, J-211a, P262. CAC

1858 1C J-212 PR66 PCGS #11895

PT-25, J-212a, P-263. CAC

1925-S/S 1C RPM FS-501 MS62BN PCGS #37688

FS-013.31 Error Holder

1856 1C Flying Eagle S-3 PR66+ PCGS #47058

S-03, J-180, P-211 (Population 2/0) {Snow Book Plate Coin} Standard Copper Nickel. Repunched 5, High Leaves. Many experts believe that all S-03 examples are mint state examples specifically produced to be distributed to Congress to promote a new coinage bill, with 500-700 produced. This is one of the top 3 finest examples of the S-03, and this coin specifically, most likely falls into the mint state category. There is only one S-03 universally agreed as a true proof - the "Bluebird." Pedigree: EERC; Gorrell (2003); Jay Parino (2004); EERC; Tom Fore.

1863 1C J-304 PR63+ PCGS #60459

J-304 CAC Simpson

1864 1C J-356a MS66RD PCGS #62299

J-356a CAC Simpson

1857 1C Flying Eagle PR64CAM PCGS #82040

PR-2. CAC A circular die scratch from the first A in AMERICA to the third feather of the wing tip. This is probably the best PR-2 as most come with planchet flaws.

1857 1C Flying Eagle PR65CAM PCGS #82040

PR-1. 1857 proofs are extremely rare. This coin exhibits deeply reflective fields and bold cameo devices.

1858 1C Large Letters PR66CAM PCGS #82042

LL PR-1. The only die pair.

1858 1C J-204 PR64CAM PCGS #134065

PT-17a, J-204, P248. CAC

1856 1C Flying Eagle S-1 PR64 PCGS #148710

S-01, J-180. (Population 1/0) {Snow Book Plate Coin} Standard composition of copper nickel. Most likely the first dies used, as "One Cent" is tilted, and thus the reverse die probably discarded. This coin was originally attributed as the copper J-181, but after testing, its status was changed to copper nickel. Pedigree: A. Judson Brenner (1914); Brenner ANS 1914 exhibit; Superior "Lee" 9/1988; Allstate Coin; Tucson Collection, EERC Variety sale 1, 1993; Midwest Collection; Tom Fore; Doug Wright.

1858 1C J-206 PR65CAM PCGS #389467

PT-16a, J-206, P-242.

1856 1C Flying Eagle S-4 PR65 PCGS #389777

S-04(a), J-180. (Population 1/0) {Snow Book Plate Coin} Standard Copper Nickel. Pointed "U", Low Leaves. Pedigree: Heritage Long Beach 5/03:5189; Tom Fore; Doug Wright.

1856 1C Flying Eagle S-2 PR64CAM PCGS #396568

S-02, J-180. (Population 1/0) {Snow Book Plate Coin} Standard Copper Nickel composition, with pointed "U" and high leaves. Pedigree: Heritage "Dallas" 10/06:147 (NGC); EERC (PCGS); Tom Fore; Doug Wright.

1858 1C J-213 PR65CAM PCGS #517484

PT-30, J-213c, P-252.

1858/(7) 1C Weak MS64 PCGS #532214

LL S-01 Weak

1858 1C J-192 PR66CAM PCGS #535155

PT-13, J-192, P-235

1858 1C J-210 PR64RB PCGS #535159

PT-28c, J-210, P-260. CAC Simpson

1864 1C J-354 MS67 PCGS #535220

J-354 Simpson

1858 1C Low Leaves FS-901 Large Letters MS64 PCGS #569232

LL PR__? RS says this is a different and new LL proof