Mr. Perfection 13

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About This Set: 2018
Hard to believe but I actually added three coins this year.
1885 68CAM
1898 68DCAM
1899 67+DCAM
This set is one of my favorites. I do not see how I will ever improve it using all CAC coins.
I did own the Pop 1 1881 68CAM. I was a beautiful coin but would not pass CAC.

BTW: I believe CAC DCAMS with good reflection are the holy grail of Proof Morgan's.
There are only 84 in PR 67 and 41 in PR68. Everyone should own one! They do not show up
too often and are undervalued. Second to these are great toned PR Morgan's. They cannot be too
dark and you should have not to tilt the coin to see the toning. That is ok but they are second tier.

I added three coins this year. I think I owned two for over a year but felt no need to
add them. I am surprised I was able to acquire three amazing CAC coins that helped the set.
I love toned Proofs, nothing better. Normally I try and stay away from white coins but DCAM Morgan's
are one exception. CAC DCAM's are the holy grail of Morgan's. There are only 56 that exist in grades
66 and higher. I think I own half of them and would buy others.
Other than the DCAM's I prefer beautiful toning and replace current coins if I find beautiful toned

I found some incredible high end coins this year which over came Bob's five 69's and moved my set back to number one.
The 1895 in this set is probably the nicest example of this year that exists. It is highly toned and truly amazing. I replaced my 66+DCAM which is also amazing but not like this!

CAC Complete Set!
This set is a major disappointment. A heart breaker.
Morgan's are my favorite. This set was number one of all time for two years. It beat Mr. Simpson's set which has FIVE PR69's. I was able to rank higher by having the best and highest graded DCAMS. In case you are not familiar with PCGS scoring, a DCAM gets two additional points. In MANY cases a lower graded DCAM is rarer than a regular coin in the next grade. So a PR67DCAM can be much rarer than some PR68's. A PR67DCAM used to have the same score as a PR69.
Early this year PCGS decided to give additional points to top pop coins and coins that are tied for the top pop. Mr. Simpson's score went from 68.42 to 69.18 without any of the coins being replaced/upgraded. It is now the top set even though the average grades of the coins are lower than mine. This is hard to comprehend and unfair. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Simpson and love the coins he buys and his sets. Bob, if you are reading this perhaps you would consider having PCGS remove the top pop extra points and competing with me on an even basis? If not, congratulations. I submit!

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Wicked set... the dream set for sure

Posted at 1/18/2019 10:06 AM by Tronner69

Yes it was non CAC which I do not think should go into a top set. It is easy to upgrade using non CAC coins. I would rather wait. It would interesting to see how many of Mr.Simpsons dollars are CAC. Also I am sure I have some 69's. Thanks

Posted at 4/17/2016 5:55 AM by Perfection

Thanks for the heads up about the DLRC coin. I was aware of it.

Posted at 4/17/2016 5:52 AM by Perfection

Hi, David Lawrence has the 1895 pr67dcam for sale now on eBay. This coin will put you back in the no1 set, but it is not cac stick

Posted at 12/24/2015 7:06 PM by Eoin


Posted at 12/24/2015 7:04 PM by Eoin


Posted at 12/24/2015 7:03 PM by Eoin

This is a jaw dropping amazing set. Congrats to Perfection 13!

Posted at 9/14/2013 7:23 PM by LEGENDNUMIS1

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