SBG AU "Slider" Morgan Dollar Set Coin Album

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1879-O $1 AU58 PCGS #7090

Beautiful Cameo Deep Mirror Prooflike with MS-64 Eye Appeal!!

1882-O $1 AU58 PCGS #7136

Breathtaking two-sided Toner with Flashy Luster Illuminating the Magenta and Gold Toning from Underneath

1883-S $1 AU58 PCGS #7148

Slider Wondercoin with MS-63 Eye Appeal

1886-O $1 AU58 PCGS #7168

Beautiful Original Slider crossed from ANACS -- Looks MS-62

1891-CC $1 AU58 PCGS #7206

Spitting Eagle (VAM-3) Borderline Mint State example with Slight Wear, Dove-Gray Hues and Scattered Cedar-Brown Toning

1892-O $1 AU58 PCGS #7216

Gorgeous Prooflike (possibly DMPL) 1892-O submitted raw to PCGS, after cracking out of an old Accugrade slab.

1897-O $1 AU58 PCGS #7248

Beautiful Slider with MS-62 Eye Appeal

1901 $1 AU55 PCGS #7272

Original attractively toned with lots of remaining Mint Luster

1901-S $1 AU58 PCGS #7276

Gorgeous AU-58 Slider with Semi-Prooflike Fields and Light Cameo Contrast