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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCGS Set Registry and what do I have to do to register?
The interactive PCGS Set Registry was established in 2001. The Registry lets collectors compare their collections to other current and all-time great collections, ranking sets in order of grade point average, completion and overall rating. There are no fees to participate. Simply create an account and begin adding your inventory. Click here to begin.

Can I use ungraded coins or coins from other grading services in the PCGS Set Registry?
You can add non-PCGS coins to your inventory, but only PCGS-graded coins can be used in sets.

Can I start a set with just one coin?
Yes. Start with one coin and watch your set grow!

Is there a limit to how many sets I can start?
No. You can build as many sets as you like.

Is there a time limit to completion?
You can take as long as you wish to build a set. However, if your set is less than 10% complete and has not been updated within one year, it will be marked unpublished and can not be published again until it has been updated.

Can I use the same certification number in more than one set? If so, how?
Yes, you can use the same certification number in more than one set as long as the sets are not identical set composites. For example, you can use the same certification number in a Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958) and a Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-Present) because these are different set composites. You cannot use the same certification number in two Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958). If you have the sets started, simply add your new inventory using the “Add these coins to all of your existing sets which they match or replace coins if the rating of the new coin is higher” feature and commit the changes to your sets. If you wish to begin new sets, first add your inventory and then add your new sets.

What is the difference between a basic and variety set?
A basic set composite allows coins either with or without varieties in each slot. A variety set requires a specific coin , which may or may not be a variety, for each slot.

How do I rename my set?
Go to My Sets and view your set you wish to rename. Click on Edit in the information box, change your set name, then click Update.

If I delete a set, can it be restored?
Yes. Email setregistry@collectors.com and request that the set be restored. Note, however if you have placed any of the inventory items from that set in a like set composite, that inventory will not be restored with the reactivated set. Inventory cannot be used in two sets of the same type.

Why does "Edit" appear by my set in the Registry.
If you are logged in, you can go to My Set Registry from your set in the Registry. Only you see the "Edit" link and if you have marked your sets not viewable to the public, only you can view your sets. Once you logout, "Edit" will disappear from your set name.

What are weights?
Within a set, not all coins have the same value and rarity. Sets in the PCGS Set Registry are weighted on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the rarest coin and 1 being the most common. While it may be in true in some instances that a coin may be many times over 10 as rare as the most common coin in the set, the Registry keeps the scale simple so that all levels of collectors can compete.

The Registry weighting is done by taking three things into account:

  • The overall rarity of the coin, i.e. the rarity in all grades
  • The rarity in the highest 2 or 3 grades
  • The price (because this is an indication of demand and importance to collectors)

Why are some sets not weighted?
Sets may be added without weights so that collectors may begin adding their coins. Eventually, all sets will be weighted.

How is the GPA calculated?
The Weighted Grade Point Average is the grade of each item registered in the set multiplied by the weight and then summed. That sum is divided by the total number of registered coin weights.

How is the Set Rating calculated?
The Set Rating is achieved by dividing the weighted grade sum by the total sum of the weights in the entire set.

How are bonus points and deductions calculated?
The calculation for bonuses or deductions is as follows:

(Grade + Bonus) x Weight
(Grade - Deduction) x Weight

What do I do if I receive a message that a new inventory item I am trying to add is listed in another member’s set?
It is each member’s responsibility to keep his or her inventory up-to-date. However, in the event that you receive a message that your inventory item has not been added because it is residing in another member’s set, you will be provided the option to send an automatic email to that member requesting that the coin be removed. If, after 3 business days, the inventory item has not been removed, please submit a scan of the front and back of the coin to setregistry@collectors.com and the item will be removed for you.

When do coins minted during the year get added to sets?
Coins minted during the year are added throughout the year to Registry set composites as the Mint releases the new issues. These coins are optional to allow all collectors an equal opportunity to acquire the coins. At the end of the year, the coins become required.

How do I get free grades for coins in my set?
If your set is at least 90% complete it qualifies for free grades. To learn more, visit the benefits page.

How can I get my set pedigreed?
If your set is 100% complete and ranked in the top 5 in your category, it may qualify for a pedigree. To learn more, visit the benefits page.

Is the Collectors Showcase category different from the other categories?
The Collectors Showcase is a non-competitive area where collectors can show-off their coins that might not necessarily fit into a defined “set.” Showcase sets are not ranked. Error coins, which cannot be used in competitive sets, can be listed in Showcase sets.

How can I delete comments placed on my sets by another member?
When you login into the Registry, you can delete comments made by other members by going to the set where the comment was made.

Can I prevent certain members from placing comments on my sets?
If a member has placed a comment on your set, you can block that member from adding further comments to your set by logging in and clicking the Block This User From Posting link that appears by the user's comment. Note that you should delete the comment after blocking the user.

When do the PCGS Set Registry awards and Hall of Fame inductions occur?
The deadline for the awards is every year at the end of June. The winners are announced in mid-July and are presented with their awards at a luncheon held every year at the American Numismatic Association summer convention. For more information, click here.

Is my set automatically considered for the awards?
All sets ranked in the top 5 are reviewed for the awards.