Goldminers's Coin Album

1966 Medal D1966-1a Matte Silver ANA 75th Anniversary SP68 PCGS #75980

#25 of 30 minted. Presented to ANA historian Jack W. Ogilvie.

1972-P Medal D1972-1c Bronze Clemente Small MS66 PCGS #76094

1,500 minted NGC 4753580-016 MS66

1972-P Medal D1972-1d Gilt-Brass Roberto Clemente Mounted MS66 PCGS #76095

Rare Official Mounted Version 500 minted

1954 SC$1 HK-512, D1954-1c Bronze Albany Congress MS66 PCGS #642869

Erastus Corning 2nd, Mayor of Albany

1954 SC$1 HK-511 Gold, Albany Congress Cradle of the Union PR65CAM PCGS #813942

Erastus Corning 2nd, Mayor of Albany, NY. 50 minted