gregallencoins's Coin Album

1924-D 25C MS66+ PCGS #5748

Beautiful periphery rainbox toning with great uster. The coni looks much btter in hand than the pic.

1957 50C MS66+ PCGS #6672

The combinaton of luster (the luster looks to be nuclear powered) and color exhibited by this coin is stunning, and that is an understatement. Amd it is not just the color and luster that make this coin special, it is the virtual lack of break in the toning. It is the most amazing '57 P mint state Frankin Half I've ever seen, by a long shot, and one of the top 10 most eye appealing mint state Franklin Havles I've seen ...

1957-D 10C MS66 PCGS #5115

Nice mint set toning. Looks nicer in hand than the pic.

1793 Chain 1C AMERICA PO1BN PCGS #1341

Simply beautiful for the grade with perfect surfaces and perfect color. The chain is very vivid.

1958-D 50C MS67FBL PCGS #86675

I've owned 3 58-D 67FBL's and seen many of the total pop ... this is the nicest I've owned, and one of the top 7 in terms of eye appeal ... shortly after I bought it, I should it to a dealer that specializes in toned coins and he kept bidding against himself to try tobuy iy (it was not for sale though) ... and then over the course of th multiday show called to see if I changed my mine dto sell it.