The Cumberland Valley Collection Coin Album

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1841 1C AU58BN PCGS #1832

Newcomb 5. Crack from field below star 11 through top of date through stars 1-3 ending at rim above star 4. Crack from rim above star 5 through stars 6-11. Reverse perfect. CAC sticker. Purchased from David Kahn at the 2019 ANA.

1842 1C Small Date AU58BN PCGS #1838

Newcomb 2. Small Date. Die state with a fine dot below right base of 1 and a fine line below space between 84. Purchased from The Penny Lady at the 2014 ANA.

1844 1C AU58BN PCGS #1856

Newcomb 1. Still has traces of mint red. Purchased from the Penny Lady in May 2015.

1845 1C AU58BN PCGS #1862

Newcomb 4. Previously from the Copper Harbor Collection. Purchased from Gerry Fortin at the 2019 FUN Show.

1846 1C Small Date AU58BN PCGS #1865

Newcomb 2.Small Date. Die state 2. Small date. Purchased from Great Lakes Coin at the 2015 FUN show.

1847 1C AU58BN PCGS #1877

Newcomb 6.Purchased from Doug Bird at the 1996 GCNE show.

1848 1C AU58BN PCGS #1883

Newcomb 22. Nice reflective surface on the obverse. Purchased from Doug Bird at the 2014 FUN show.

1849 1C AU55BN PCGS #1886

Newcomb 22. Purchased from a January 2018 Heritage internet auction.

1850 1C AU55BN PCGS #1889

Newcomb 12.Purchased from S&S Associates at the 1996 GCNE show.

1851 1C AU58BN PCGS #1892

Newcomb 7. Traces of mint red around LIBERTY. Purchased from Coast to Coast Coins in October 2012. CAC sticker.

1852 1C AU55BN PCGS #1898

Newcomb 19.Purchased from Teletrade in April 2010.

1853 1C AU55BN PCGS #1901

Newcomb 3.Purchased from Blue Chip Numismatics at the 1987 Kentucky State Numismatic Assocation show.

1854 1C AU58BN PCGS #1904

Newcomb 7b. Attractive surfaces and light brown toning. Purchased from the Frisco Mint in June 2018.

1855 1C Upright 55 AU58BN PCGS #1907

Newcomb 7.Upright 55. Purchased from Teletrade's April 2010 Lakeside sale.

1856 1C Upright 5 AU55BN PCGS #1919

Newcomb 8.Upright 5. Purchased from Teletrade in November 2010.

1857 1C Small Date AU58BN PCGS #1931

Newcomb 2. Small Date. Reverse rotated about 25 decrees. Purchased from The Penny Lady at the 2015 ANA show.