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1795 H10C VF30 PCGS #4251

Valentine 7. LM-6. Very early die state with only a minute die crack connecting the tops of the 9 and 5 in the date. A very rare and seldom seen variety. Missing in the Eliasberg, Norweb, Garrett and most other major sales. Most of those seen, in recent years, have had problems. This is a nice problem free coin. Slightly better than the Logan-McCloskey plate coin and the Milton A. Holmes ( Valentine Plate ) coin. Certainly in the Condition Census. Cherry-picked at the 1994 FUN show.

1796 H10C LIKERTY VF35 PCGS #4254

Valentine 1. LM-1. The LIKERTY variety.Very nice with a lavender-gray and gold patina. Obverse die crack from rim through 6th star to hair ribbon. Reverse die crack from rim through right side of first T in STATES through wreath to eagle's neck. Another die crack from rim through A in AMERICA through wreath to eagle's wing. A very tough coin to find nice. Purchased from Harry Laibstain Rare Coins at the 2015 FUN show.

1800 H10C LIBEKTY XF40 PCGS #4265

A neat little coin.Valentine 2. LM-3. The LIBEKTY variety.The reverse is rotated about 30 degrees.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in October of 1994.

1833 H10C AU58 PCGS #4280

Valentine 1. LM-10. Both loops of the second S in STATES filled. Beautiful blue, green and gold album toning. Slightly prooflike. Purchased from Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins at the 2014 FUN show.