Larry Stendebach's Coin Album

1871 2C PR65RB PCGS #3646

CAC Previously in an NGC PR-66RB holder, this coin has drop-dead eye appeal thanks to amazing color and deeply mirrored surfaces.

1833 10C MS62+ PCGS #4522

CAC / Ex. NGC 2672172-002 JR-1, with the late reverse die showing two cracks from the scroll to the rim. Despite the worn dies, considerable sharpness adds to the appeal as a type coin, and that doesn't even begin to describe the allure of ruby-gold patina swirling with action in the peripheral areas. Splashes of aqua-green add to the presentation, and one might mistake this for an even higher grade were it not for somewhat muted overall luster.

1867 10C PR63 PCGS #4760

CAC / 1st Generation PCGS holder - Beautiful rainbow toning with gorgeous highlights. Low mintage proof just 675 coins.

1888 10C PR66+ PCGS #4785

CAC - Coinfacts Platecoin

1853 25C Arrows and Rays MS64 PCGS #5426

CAC - EX FUN 2017. Briggs 2-B. In 1853, the weight of the U.S. quarter dollar was reduced from 6.68 grams to 6.22 grams. This change was signified by the addition of arrows to the obverse design near the date and rays around the eagle. The rays were omitted in 1854, however, making this an important one-year type. This example is well-struck and essentially untoned, save for a faint golden cast. Surface marks are absolutely minimal for the grade. Ex: Baltimore Signature (Heritage, 3/2009), lot 1026; ANA Signature (Heritage, 3/2010), lot 771.

1879 25C MS67 PCGS #5511

The Quantum Collection. Mintage: 13,700

1899 $2.50 MS63 PCGS #7851

SC The Midwest Summer Sale - 2018 | LOT 157 | U.K. Lorgnettes Collection. Stunning definition from the dies, but the first thing that captures the eye is a vast splash of peculiar gunmetal and plum-orange. The reverse is shaded in deep orange, albeit this is a highly lustrous coin.

1898-S $20 MS64+ PCGS #9034

CAC / Ex. 12464530

1893 10C PR67CAM PCGS #84877

CAC / PCGS COINFACTS PLATECOIN / Ex. NGC 1962813-001 January 2016 HA - This delectable coin undoubtedly appears much the same as it did when it dropped from the proof dies 113 years ago, with no toning and pronounced Cameo contrast. The strike is boldly impressed, and perusal with a loupe reveals only die polish lines and a single, dot-like depression in the right obverse field before Liberty's eye, probably a trivial planchet flaw, as struck, since the proof luster continues unabated through the tiny dot. One of the finest. Population: 7 in 67, 0 finer (1/06).(Registry values: N2998) (NGC ID# 23G4, PCGS# 84877)

1860 25C PR67CAM PCGS #85556

Quantum Collection

1860 $1 PR64CAM PCGS #87003

CAC LEGEND August Premier Sessions 2018 We are surprised PCGS did not + this coin (NO promises). It is VERY high end and is really is special. We do NOT see these like this. Absolutely deep and stunning mirrors beam boldly from all over. The mirrors have amazing clarity, are exceedingly clean, and are totally reflective. A wild and clearly original album type circular toning beams from all over. The colors are faded navy/violet/forest green/pearl green/gold. The color pattern on the reverse is just heart pounding. On either side, you do NOT have to imagine the colors. Miss Liberty and every detail are fully struck and do have clear thick frost. The eye appeal is sensational! PCGS 20, NGC 2, CAC 12 (obviously there was a big resubmission). NO PCGS CAC piece has ever been sold via auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $7,500.00. We fully expect active bidding on this coin and for the price to be much stronger than $7,500.00. A PR 65 would cost you at least $40,000.00-if you could even find one! Do not just take our word on it, see this coin in person at the ANA show!

1892 50C PR65DCAM PCGS #96539

CAC Deep, reflective mirrors offer the boldest in brilliance and clarity and beam from all over! What a great example of the first year of Barber's Liberty head design. The design elements are extremely sharp in strike, and ultra frosted devices showing the extreme in Deep Cameo contrast. PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 1. This GEM sold for $7,200 in December 2017. A non-CAC PCGS PR65 DCAM sold for $4,113 in September 2013. These DO NOT come up with any frequency so prepare to bid liberally if you want to take this beautiful coin home!