markjude's Coin Album

1893 50C Columbian MS63 PCGS #9297

My first "crack out" - originally a MS62.

1994 $1 Silver Eagle MS69 PCGS #9876

This is the very first coin I submitted for grading and one I will always treasure.

1966 25C SMS SP67 PCGS #5998

I love the toning on this coin!

1966 50C SMS SP68 PCGS #6846

One of the nicest coins I've seen! I grade this one a 68+!

1910 1C PR66BN PCGS #3306

This is the coin that started it all for me...beautiful blues, purples and pinks splash all over this coin. What can I say, this is my favorite and has earned a spot in Brian Wagner's Hall of Fame!

1914 1C PR65RB PCGS #3319

This was my first Matte Proof and it came my way via Brian Wagner. The coin in hand has a brassy obverse with just a dash of color on the reverse. This coin "glows" in hand. Thanks go out to Brian and all he has done to enhance my set!

1915 1C PR66BN PCGS #3321

This 1915 has an attractive subtle bluish-toned patina with a grainy wood appearance over the entire matte surface. The coin is spotless. Provenance: Former Dave Kelly, Jack Slattery and Duane Blake.

1916 1C PR65BN PCGS #3324

This is another Brian Wagner coin and is just an amazing strike. The 1916 coins are my favorites in the series. Each and every coin seems to "pop" and each is a work of art, a little masterpiece!

1943-D 1C MS67 PCGS #2714

Very nice strike - sharp!

1893 50C Columbian MS65 PCGS #9297

Very colorful coin - beautiful blue rims!

1909 1C Lincoln N1RD PCGS #2431

Cool coloring on this coin.

1916 1C N1RD PCGS #2488

Amazing purple and blue coloring.