mercunum's Coin Album

1804 10C 13 Star Reverse N1 PCGS #4474

Should be worth 1 point.

1833 10C MS65 PCGS #4522

JR10 R3

1936 10C PR67 PCGS #5071

Gorgeous toning, almost cameo appearance.

1830/29 10C JR-4 FS-301 MS62 PCGS #38847

JR4 R2 Dark toning with white in protected areas.

1941-S/S 10C RPM FS-502 MS65 PCGS #145467

Purchased this coin at FUN 7/2009. The dealer was one of those that specialize on low dollar slabbed coins. He had a couple of boxes of mercury dimes in slabs. Low and behold he had three of this variety in NGC slabs one MS66 and two in MS65. Which i haved seen any in years of checking thousands of dimes. I cracked the 66 and best 65 and recieved two PCGS MS65's back on 8/2009.