1652 Shilling Pine Tree, Large Planchet, Pellets MS62+ Certification #35751768, PCGS #45369

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1652 Pine Shilling, 72.2 grains, Noe-1, Salmon 1-A, Rarity: R2, (501 – >1,250 pcs). w-690 variety, URS-11 (Early Die State) Ex - F.C.C. Boyd Collection; Stack’s, October 2005, John J. Ford Jr. Collection, Part XII, lot 76, XF

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Ron Guth

The Large Planchet Pine Tree Shillings are among the most impressive of the Massachusetts silver pieces.  One of the many varieties of this type comes with a dot (or pellet) below the branches on either side of the trunk.  This can only be seen on Noe 1, as all the other Large Planchet varieties lack the pellets.  The purpose of the pellets is unknown.

Noe 1 is one of the more plentiful Pine Tree Shillings, this it is easy (though not inexpensive) to obtain one in nice condition.  We know of more than a dozen examples in Mint State, the best being two NGC MS65+'s: one from the Donald Partrick Collection and the other from the John J. Ford, Jr. Collection.

The Large Planchet Pine Tree Shilings were struck using a rocker press, thus most have slightly wavy planchets.  Many of them were clipped from strips after having been struck; others seem never to have been clipped at all.  Others were clipped to remove silver, so it is best to purchase examples that are as close as possible to the statutory weight of 72 grains.

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1 MS66 estimated grade
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3 MS64 estimated grade
4 MS63 PCGS grade PCGS #45369 (MS)     63
4 MS63 estimated grade
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#1 MS66 estimated grade
#3 MS64 estimated grade
PCGS #45369 (MS)     63 #4 MS63 PCGS grade
#4 MS63 estimated grade