penniesfromheaven's Coin Album

1804 1/2C Crosslet 4, No Stems MS62BN PCGS #1072

Mega luster deep chocolate beauty

1877 1C MS65RB PCGS #2128

Clean cheek and great luster

1937-D 5C 3 Legs MS63 PCGS #3982

Rainbow rims -Pinnacle Rarities

1857-O H10C MS60 PCGS #4366

Blue centers. Old holder and going in for regrade.

1874 10C Arrows MS63 PCGS #4668

Blue and rose toned

1861 25C AU58 PCGS #5454

Bullseye blue on both sides

1877-CC 25C AU55 PCGS #5505

vibrant blue rims

1918/7-S 25C AU53 PCGS #5726

Undipped and nice- Premium Numismatics

1837 50C AU50 PCGS #6176

The Benson bullseye

1859 50C PR61 PCGS #6413

Benson toned- Pinnacle Rarities

1799/8 $1 15 Reverse Stars AU53 PCGS #6883

Undipped and natural with good luster. Premium Numismatics.