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1947-S 5C MS66+ FS PCGS #84033

Almost 6 steps

1968-D 5C MS65FS PCGS #84080

The 1968D FS Jefferson nickel is one of the rarest full step nickels in existence. Using the population reports for PCGS and NGC as of 03/12/2022 there are only 2 examples of FS 1968D's. Both are in PCGS holders currently. Excluding 1960D, 1967, and 1969S dates which currently have 0 FS examples only the 1969D FS population is smaller. Below are the totals by date and grading service: DATE PCGS NGC TOTAL 1953S 29 06 35 1954S 42 09 51 1960P 41 12 53 1961P 24 13 37 1961D 06 00 06 1962D 115 25 141 1963D 20 06 26 1965 02 04 06 1966 12 01 13 1968D 02 00 02 1968S 21 11 32 1969D 01 00 01 1970D 04 00 04 1970S 112 28 1 40 Using the population numbers above the 68D FS coin is second in the list. The top 5 lowest population FS Jefferson nickels are: 01) 1969D FS (01) 02) 1968D FS (02) 03) 1970D FS (04) 04) A tie between 1961D FS and 1965 FS (06) 05) 1966 FS (13) For those collectors trying to complete a FS Jefferson late date set (65-present) it should be no surprise that the toughest FS Jefferson nickels are found between 1965-1970. While the 1960D and 1961D are rare in FS the 65-70 group are equally as rare if not more so. This example of a 1968D FS has the typical 5 3/4 steps. The step strike characteristics for 1968-1970 Jefferson nickels are different from all other dates (much like the Reverse 38 coins). Steps for these coins are typically very thin and not very deep. Weakness under pillars 3/4 are typical. Most (if not all) FS attributed 68-70 coins must be 5.5 steps or better (just like the Reverse 38 coins) to qualify for FS. 6th step detail is universally under pillars 1 & 2. In the PCGS picture of the coin you can clearly see 6th step details under pillars 1 and 2. The history of this coin is not completely known at this time. Here is what I have: - Coin was put into PCGS holder some time before 12/11/2016. I would welcome any information anyone might have about how the raw coin was found and graded. - Great Collections sold a PCGS MS64FS 1968D cert # 81416719 on 12/11/16. o This cert is no longer valid at PCGS o I believe this was not the original PCGS MS64FS coin but a 2nd FS 68D.  I had the original PCGS 68D FS coin in hand but declined to purchase it. o When reviewing the Great Collections picture of the PCGS MS64FS coin and the PCGS MS65 FS coin they appear to be the same - I believe someone re-submitted this coin and it came back as a PCGS 65FS coin. - I purchased the PCGS 68D MS65 FS coin through private channels. I think it is important to know the history of significant coins when possible. I believe the PCGS 1968D MS65FS coin is one of those coins. I am proud to have ownership of a true FS 1968D. It is the 1st one I have ever owned.