richard.a.simon's Coin Album

1955 25C MS65 PCGS #5858

Submitted myself

1955 50C MS65FBL PCGS #86670

Submitted myself...beautiful mint set toning.

1956 25C MS65 PCGS #5860

Submitted Myself

1956 50C MS65FBL PCGS #86671

Submitted myself...Beautiful mint set toned coin

1956-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5861

Submitted myself

1956-D 25C MS66 PCGS #5861

Submitted myself

1964 50C MS64 PCGS #6706

Crazy toning, threw it into my last submission because I looked at it for a while and had all the details, just wasn't sure of the tone...glad it came back what it did.

1878 $3 MS63 PCGS #8000

One of four coins in first submission!! At the Philly Summer show in 2010 had it looked at by Julian through a family connection, was offered 1k on the spot...decided we didn't need the money at that point and that I'd like to learn a little more, numerous dealers graded it low AU....hah!! Definitely got me sucked into collecting though this one coin....btw was found in a small jeweler's box among some old things in the house....ahhh ol' Pop Weaver, never know where he was going to put something haha.

1926 $10 MS64 PCGS #8882

First gold coin actually purchased...convinced my mom that it was a good "investment" as gold was hot at the time...hasn't done much since but still a beauty of a coin and a classic american gold coin at that!