Rjsx1909's Coin Album

1892-Zs FZ 8 R Zs78 MS65 PCGS #520222

Old PCI Holder MS-63

1893-Mo AM 8 R Mo79 MS62PL PCGS #767168

Broken out of NGC MS-61 holder

1854 1C N1BN PCGS #1904

Was previously in an old green PCI holder. Beautiful coin that does not appear to be questionable color in my opinion. Exceptionally well struck with cartwheel luster throughout.

1875 1C MS63RB PCGS #2122

Previously NGC MS-62 RB

1887 1C MS64RB PCGS #2158

Previously ANACS MS-63 RB

1915-S 1C MS63RB PCGS #2484

Previously NGC MS-63RB

1933-D 1C MS66RD PCGS #2632

Previously ICCS MS-66 RED