rludlow684's Coin Album

1938 5C PR67 PCGS #4175

An eye-popping toner: Icy blue centers on both sides surrendering to bursts of sunset toning in shades of burnt orange and rust. Wholly original, atop clean mirrors and beautiful luster. A "made" raw coin.

1942-P 5C Type 2 PR67 PCGS #4180

A PQ coin with great luster and a splash of gold. Ex-BNE Collection.

1950 5C PR68 PCGS #4182

Super clean and deserving of its lofty grade. Light blue and gold toning atop beautiful mirrors. Amazingly tick free for a 1950 and abundant appeal as an original coin. Coin and photo from Heritage.

1951 5C PR67 PCGS #4183

Beautiful rainbow peripheries surround wonderful flashy devices and embrace crisp icy mirrors. Coin and photo from Jeff Werlin. RGL's PR-68 is in his DCAM/CAM set.

1951 5C PR68 PCGS #4183

Quite possibly the finest in existence. Deep watery mirrors and luster with rainbow obverse, heavier at the rims. A DCAM is beneath the toning. The reverse features a paper-white DCAM Monticello, yielding to bright clear mirrors and then heavy rainbow toning on the peripheries. It is doubtful there are many 1951s that can match this coin's eye appeal and status as a rainbow, yet undesignated, DCAM. Coin and photo from Heritage.

1952 5C PR68 PCGS #4184

A spectacular Jeff with deep, watery mirrors, a light CAM and super-clean surfaces. Well deserving of its scarce grade. Photo from Teletrade (scratch and "dust" are on slab, not the coin.)

1953 5C PR68 PCGS #4185

One of the stars of the set: Deep watery mirrors and cameo devices, despite what insert says. A PQ wonder coin! Coin and photo from Jeff Werlin.

1954 5C PR67 PCGS #4186

Monster toning: A vivid rainbow crescent on the obverse, beginning at the top of the lettering and circling around the rear of Tom's head. The reverse is fully bathed: A golden champagne center to ice blue to rainbow peripheries. A color-lover's feast! A "made" coin from a raw set.

1965 25C SMS SP67 PCGS #5997

Yeah ... right

1951 5C PR67CAM PCGS #84183

Beautiful solid CAM with wonderous mirrors and luster. Coin from Heritage.

1952 5C PR67CAM PCGS #84184

An absolute stunner of an early cameo. Coin and photo from Heritage.

1954 5C PR67CAM PCGS #84186

A beautiful, high-end, solid CAM, with the obverse a near-DCAM. Photo and coin from Jeff Werlin.

1955 5C PR68CAM PCGS #84187

White devices set against black hole mirrors. Coin and photo from Rick Tomaska.

1957 5C PR67CAM PCGS #84189

A "made" coin with a solid obverse CAM and, in a rarity for this date, an-even-better near-DCAM reverse! What a thrill to make the toughest 1950s Jeff in CAM!

1961 5C PR69CAM PCGS #84193

Ludlow pedigree. Stunning mirrors and luster and, oh, so close to DCAM. A no-doubt DCAM reverse and a CAM-plus obverse. A PQ top-pop rarity. Not bad for a $7 coin...

1965 5C SMS SP66CAM PCGS #84197

Ludlow pedigree. Just-miss DCAM, only a tad of brightness on extreme right of Monticello deprives it of such lofty status. A PQ coin for the grade.

1966 10C SMS SP68CAM PCGS #85241

Ludlow pedigree. Another coin I "made" from raw; oh so very close to DCAM. Obverse all there, reverse hurt a tad by die polishing on fields of central devices that hurt contrast a bit.

1960 5C PR68DCAM PCGS #94192

Amazing DCAM-plus black and white beauty; a cherrypicker's dream; cracked out of pre-CAM designation PR-67 green insert slab!

1961 5C PR68DCAM PCGS #94193

Beautiful contrast between snow white devices and black, watery mirrors. Coin and photo from Teletrade.

1967 5C SMS SP66DCAM PCGS #94199

Ludlow pedigree. A beautiful flashy, frosted black and white coin. I "made" this one!

1967 50C SMS SP66DCAM PCGS #96847

Ludlow pedigree. A wonder coin and undergraded to boot. Near perfection. I "made" this one, too!