robec1347's Coin Album

1910 1C PR66+ RB PCGS #3307

Gorgeous peach with a hint of green. Second time owning this coin after a short visit with Matt Chapman. I just missed it too much. Pedigree - Pete Miller, Blay, Campbell, Chapman, Watkins, Chapman. CAC

1913 1C PR66+ BN PCGS #3315

A beautifully toned matte with pleasing shades of russet, blues and browns. A virtually spot and mark free example with great strike and tons of luster. Pop 5/1. Purchased from Heritage on consignment from Angel Dee's. CAC

1914 1C PR66+ BN PCGS #3318

Purchased in May of 2010, as a stunning, well struck and lustrous 66BN. This coin, taking the spot of my previous 66RB, was upgraded to 66+BN in November of 2011. Many would think that moving from a 66RB to a 66+BN would be considered a downgrade. Side by side comparison would immediately dispel that thought. Acquired from a collectors collector, Richard Shapiro ( G99G's Sets ), this multicolored beauty is highlighted by a rose and green patina on the obverse with green being the dominant color. The reverse runs from gold to reddish orange with that wonderful matte surface on both sides. Ex Alan Epstein. CAC

1915 1C PR66+ BN PCGS #3321

A beautiful green tinted monster from Brian Wagner's Hall of Fame. 'After studying the PCGS population reports it shows me that in BN and RB the 1915 is as tough a date as the 1916. Only in RD is the 1916 tougher. Mintages show that the coins are about equal. I have handled more 1916's than the 1915. The 1915 looking like this is a true rarity.' Brian Wagner. Formerly of the "Colorful MPL Collection". CAC

1916 1C PR67BN PCGS #3324

Another from Brian Wagner. One of the nicest 1916's you'll ever see. This is flat out a monster in every sense of the word. So close to RB and 67 it isn't funny. Not many 1916 are hammered better or stronger than this example. Ex Looney, Blake, Kelly and Chapman. As of 7/31/2010 this coin finally received it's due and was awarded the grade of 67BN with a 1/0 pop. CAC

1919-D 1C MS64+ BN PCGS #2516

Abe's Coloring Book.

1942-S 10C MS65FB PCGS #5043

Gold CAC