Event Scrapbook

ANA Rosemont, August, 2019

The PCGS Set Registry team had the pleasure of displaying the Gerald R. Forsythe All-Time Finest Mint State and Proof Liberty Nickel Collection. PCGS also hosted the PCGS Set Registry Annual Awards Luncheon during the ANA convention.

Long Beach Expo, June, 2019

The Long Beach Expo is the perfect way to start the summer season!

Long Beach Expo, February, 2019

What's better than one display? Two displays! The Perfection Proof Morgan Dollar set was joined by a special New York Copper collection along with the 1787 Brasher Gold Doubloon during the February 2019 Long Beach Expo.

FUN Show Orlando, January, 2019

The PCGS Set Registry featured the Perfection Proof Morgan Dollar Set at the Florida United Numismatists annual convention.

Long Beach Expo, June, 2018

It wouldn't be a Long Beach Expo without stopping by the PCGS Set Registry booth!

Long Beach Expo, February, 2018

The Miller-Harrison Super Set traveled to the Long Beach Expo so that our West Coast friends could view the display. The Set Registry also participated in the LBE Treasure Hunt for kids.

Fun Show Tampa, January, 2018

The PCGS Set Registry featured the Miller-Harrison Super Set of prooflike and VAM Morgan dollars and well as hosting the PCGS Luncheon.

ANA Denver, August, 2017

The Charles McVey Collection display, the PCGS CoinFacts Coin Dealer Hall of Fame & the PCGS Set Registry awards luncheon, and Meet the Expert were all part of this year's summer ANA.

Long Beach Expo, June, 2017

Events included collection Favorites from David Hall, Meet the Expert, and the Kids Treasure Hunt.

Long Beach Expo, February, 2017

We brought the Bruce Morelan collection of Bust Dollars to Long Beach and were met with enthusiastic visitors to the display.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2016

Bruce Morelan's collection of Liberty Seated Dollars and Paul Hubanks' collection of toned Lincoln Cents were on display at the Collectibles Display at LBE.

Fun Show Ft. Lauderdale, January, 2017

The PCGS Set Registry was honored to display Bruce Morelan's collection of Bust dollars, including the $10 million 1794 dollar. We also hosted the annual PCGS FUN show luncheon.

ANA Anaheim, August, 2016

Visitors were welcomed to amazing California weather at this year's ANA. The PCGS Set Registry staff displayed two amazing sets and hosted the annual awards luncheon.

Long Beach Expo, February, 2016

We carried over the PCGS sample display from the Tampa FUN show so our west coast friends could see the coins. Gayle Kean puts out the coins.

Fun Show Tampa, January, 2016

On display, PCGS Samples! Since 1986 PCGS has been giving out samples of our holders. We were pleased to celebrate our 30 year anniversary with this display.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2015

PCGS Set Registry has two major collections on display at the Collectibles Exhibit area and Chinese Pandas on display at the PCGS Asia booth.

ANA Chicago, August, 2015

For the second year in a row, the ANA was held in Chicago along with the PCGS Awards luncheon.

Fun Show Orlando, January, 2015

Another Fun PCGS Luncheon with Sandy Locker, Rebecca Tran, Gayle Kean and BJ Searls.

ANA Chicago, August, 2014

The PCGS Awards Luncheon and two very different displays were the highlights of the show in Chicago, August 5-9, 2014.

Fun Show Orlando, January, 2014

PCGS Dealer Liaison, Sandy Locker, gets ready for the popular PCGS Luncheon at the FUN show.

ANA Chicago, August, 2013

PCGS has another great ANA show. PCGS's top-notch customer service team was on hand to help customers. At the booth were two fabulous displays, and the Set Registry luncheon and awards ceremony was well attended.

FUN Show Orlando, January, 2013

The PCGS Set Registry displays the High Desert collection of Large Cents, Heritage Auctions will sell the Walton specimen 1913 Liberty nickel in April, and PCGS hosts another entertaining luncheon.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2012

The show featured the PCGS Coin Grading Contest and the Collectibles Exhibit area with displays of the Gerald Forsythe and High Desert showdown of Walking Liberty Half dollars as well as examples from the Black Swamp Find of 1910 E-98 baseball cards.

ANA Philadelphia, August, 2012

PCGS holds a Walker Showdown featuring the Forsythe and High Desert collections ranked #1 and #2 in the Set Registry and has another grading contest for young numismatists and adults.

Long Beach Expo, June, 2012

PCGS Coin Grading Contest and new Collectibles Display area featuring many PCGS, PSA, PSA/DNA and PSE products.

FUN Show Orlando, January, 2012

Fun was had at the FUN Show in Orlando with the PCGS Grading Contest sponsored by PCGS Photograde Online and the PCGS Luncheon. (Photo by D. Pearlman.)

ANA National Money Show, October, 2011

Dr. Peter K. Shireman holds one of the highlights of his PCGS Set Registry award-winning Barber half dollar collection, the MS68 1906-S, at the display of his collection during the ANA National Money Show. (Photo by D. Pearlman.)

ANA Chicago, August, 2011

PCGS displays selections from the High Desert type set and hosts a luncheon. PCGS Set Registry members receive awards and David Akers, John Love and Harvey G. Stack are inducted into the PCGS CoinFacts Coin Dealer Hall of Fame.

ANA Sacramento, March, 2011

ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd gets a "personal guided tour" from PCGS President Don Willis of the fabulous Tom Bender collection of proof $3 gold coins displayed at the PCGS booth on Thursday, March 17, 2011. (Photo credit: D. Pearlman.)

FUN Show Tampa, January, 2011

PCGS displays the Simpson collection off-metal 1943PDS Lincoln cents and hosts a luncheon in Tampa.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2010

Gayle Kean of the PCGS Set Registry points to one of the spectacular coins in the ESM Collection display at the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo. (Photo credit: D. Pearlman.)

ANA Boston, August, 2010

PCGS displays proof copper from the award winning ESM Collection at the Boston, ANA. Q. David Bowers is inducted in the PCGS CoinFacts Dealer Hall of Fame at the Set Registry luncheon.

PCGS Set Registry Awards Luncheon, August 10, 2007

PCGS President, Ron Guth, presented awards to winners who were present, discussed the PCGS grading set, and hosted a Q&A session at the PCGS Set Registry luncheon held at the Milwaukee ANA.

Long Beach Expo, February, 2010

Dale Friend of Nevada shows PCGS Set Registry Manager BJ Searls some of the spectacular coins from his number-one ranked set of early U.S. half dollars. (Photo credit: D. Pearlman.)

FUN Show Orlando, January, 2010

PCGS displays the Dale Friend collection of Early Half Dollars and hosts a luncheon in Orlando.

ANA Los Angeles, August, 2009

PCGS displays the Leningrad and Manley collections and hosts a well-attended luncheon. At the forefront, Sandy Locker, PCGS Dealer Liaison.

Long Beach Expo, February, 2009

PCGS displays Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" set assembled by Morgan dollar collector, Douglas Kurz. Photo credit: D. Pearlman

Long Beach Expo, September, 2008

Professional Coin Grading Service President, Ron Guth, holds one of the counterfeit Chinese coin dies displayed by PCGS in an educational exhibit at the September 2008 Long Beach Expo. Photo credit: D. Pearlman

ANA Baltimore July 30-Aug 2, 2008

Stewart Blay holds his 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent graded PCGS MS-67 RD from his "Red Copper Collection" which was displayed at the Baltimore, ANA. Photo credit: D. Pearlman

Long Beach Expo, May, 2008

Ash Harrison, President of the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors, holds the 1880-O $1 MS-60DMPL, which completed the first-ever grading set of "Hot Lips" Morgan dollars. Ash's set was exhibited by PCGS Long Beach Expo. Photo credit: D. Pearlman

Long Beach Expo, February, 2008

PCGS Customer Service representatives from left to right: Diana Bolivar, Jessica Haisley, Ana Lopez, and Sonia Luque.

FUN Show, January, 2008

PCGS displays the Erasmus Hall 1968-Present proof set and well as hosts a luncheon for Registry and Collectors Club members, and authorized dealers.

Long Beach Expo, September, 2007

The complete PCGS Grading set is used as a reference by PCGS graders. It includes multiple examples of all grades from About Good-3 to Mint State-67 for many major U.S. coin series.

ANA Milwaukee, August, 2007

PCGS displayed the Gerald Forsythe Collection of Buffalo Nickels, the finest set ever assembled.

Long Beach Show, February, 2007

PCGS displayed the Hesselgesser Collection of early dollars at the Long Beach show, February 15-17, 2007. Dr. Robert Hesselgesser proudly holds the 1794 dollar from his remarkable collection.

PCGS CoinFacts Luncheon, January 5, 2007

David Hall and a panel of CoinFacts experts discussed PCGS's exciting numismatic research projects.

FUN Show, January, 2007

PCGS was well represented at the Florida United Numismatists show in Orlando.

PCGS Set Registry Awards Luncheon, August 18, 2006

At the Denver ANA, Registry members, their friends and families, and PCGS Authorized Dealers met for lunch, awards presentations, and an update about future plans for PCGS by President, Ron Guth.