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1990 $5 Kookaburra MS68 PCGS #114420


1989-P $5 Red Kangaroo-Nugget PR70DCAM PCGS #164681

Was part of five coin set with button inget In a wooden display with green card board Sleeve for the 90th anniversary of the Perth mint this coin is the only pr 70dcam by Pcgs know to exist so far as of 2/7/2021

1991 $5 Kookaburra MS69 PCGS #166711


1986-P $100 Nugget PR67DCAM PCGS #399588

I was offered this set by phone so I sent a certified check viva fedex to California and yes I received the set! Was thrilled with my new gold coins!

1986-P $50 Nugget PR69DCAM PCGS #399589

My interdiction in to modern coin s /bullion with lower mintages also purchased via phone and sales call a nother happy purchase all panded out ha ha gold nugget Set a ex girl friend s father got some bullion coins from a guy so when I was offered a limited mintage proof gold set I jumped Just like van happen song that was the 80s For you I remember like yesterday not really I think the alstrailan nugget s were 2nd after the krugerrand s please let me know if I am Not correct as far as modern set s were released?? Thank you for looking at this

1986-P $15 Nugget PR69DCAM PCGS #399591

I believe that the 4 coin set mintages are much lower than erly year eagle gold eagle proof set s because the 1988 eagle proof set is the first year to offer 4 coins 1987 just 2 coins were minted in proof gold eagle s The 1/2 oz& 1oz were offered in a set 1986 only 1oz proof gold eagle coin was available from the mint please correct me if I am wrong?

1989-P $50 Red Kangaroo-Nugget PR70DCAM PCGS #513141

Another 1 only coin from a set of five & ingot 90th anniversary set mintage of 2200 sets this coin is the only 1 population Pr 70 dcam By pcgs pretty interesting my first gold coins hole set was not that much money great investment for a Young man at the time !

1989-P $100 Red Kangaroo-Nugget PR69DCAM PCGS #513142

This coin is also out of the 90th anniversary set and has a mintage of 2200 set and a population of just 3 coins in Pr 69 scam

1989 Medal 90th Anniversary .375 Au MS65 PCGS #656532

This is from the set of some very nice coin s and the only one greaded by pcgs and a population of only one 1 very interesting

1996 $3 Triangle Ag PR68DCAM PCGS #149589

This one was a very interesting coin and just had to get it a nother low population coin and none higher than this one coin at this point 2/12/2021.

1996 $3 Triangle Au MS64 PCGS #171181

Another interesting coin just had to get it And this is low population coin is not the High est graded but a good fit to my early collection days and mail order catelog before the internet and flooding of coins And common coins and mintages today s Crap and over mintages

2011 $5 Timber Wolf MS67 PCGS #502593

PCGS submission

2011 $5 Grizzly Bear MS68 PCGS #506494

PCGS submission

2014 $200 Howling Wolf PR68DCAM PCGS #527860

Another low mintage coin from the north ha ha Canadian mint nice coin and the 1st of the gold.99999 proof 1oz series call of the wild coins low population but not the high est graded by pcgs at this point

2015 $200 Largemouth Bass PR69DCAM PCGS #546065

I really enjoy this coin because being a fishing 🎣 men it’s a winner in my opinion plus very low mintages And low pcgs population?

2016 $200 Roaring Grizzly Bear PR69DCAM PCGS #605503

This coin is the third one of the series from the Canadian mint low population 0nly 3 in this grade and mintage of 250 coins at this writing 2/13/2021

2015 $300 Rainbow Trout Pt. PR70DCAM PCGS #616977

I really like this one being a fishing 🎣 Person plus very low mintages and pcgs population?

2016 $20 Growling Cougar MS69 PCGS #656469

I thought Canadian mint would do all call Of the wild coins like the 1oz ms/proof version another low population coin and is the only one in this grade by pcgs at this point of writing 2/13/2021

2015 $200 Growling Cougar PR69DCAM PCGS #656470

This is the second coin in the offering by the Canadian mint very low mintages and this coin is only 1in this greaded by pcgs at the time of the entry 2/13/2021

1988 Angel PR69DCAM PCGS #507673

This one ☝️ was part of the 1988 angle of murcey set anniversary of the Red Cross from the island of man and is proof 69 dep Cavan population of only one ☝️ in the pcgs Grade

1986-SM Ounce Tiger Platinum PL69 PCGS #376391

My very first platinum coin ever? Very low mintages also my mother was a tiger 🐅 very nice looking coin Very interesting and happy I purchased it Back in 1986. And only 5 in this grade By pcgs. Oops really sorry only a 1oz platinum pice mintages only 1000 Very low. Or 2000 still very low? Happy collections every one enjoy your Hobby a interesting hobby and Fun one ☝️! .

2016 KRand PR69DCAM PCGS #75703

This krugerrand proof was offered in the 3 coin set and is the only one that is graded by pcgs so far not sure of the mintages yet? Maybe 0nly 800 world 🌎 wide and cool.

2017 KRand 50th Anniv. Krugerrand PR69DCAM PCGS #626939

This 1oz was part of the 3 coins issued in the set

2017 1/10 KR 50th Anniv. Krugerrand PR70DCAM PCGS #627210

Hello a nother low mintage issue from the South Africa krugerrand this coin was the first 70 by pcgs one ☝️ of only 2 listed

2017 1/4 KR 50th Anniv. Krugerrand PR70DCAM PCGS #656535

This one is a 1 only coin as of the date posted

2017 1/2 KR 50th Anniv. Krugerrand PR69DCAM PCGS #656538

#1 only coin as of population of 1

2017 KRand 50th Anniv. Krugerrand Vintage 1967 Re-Issue PL68 PCGS #656539

This was the first of its kind to get greaded by pcgs I did all of the coins in this series graded by pcgs at the Philadelphia member show I think . This is the coolest krugerrand proof pl I just love it South African mint Hit a home run 🏃‍♂️ with this extremely Low mintage coin and a great idea! And was the 1st graded by pcgs with 1 higher now.

1988 Medal Red Cross Anniv/Gold PR69DCAM PCGS #507674

This one is nice only 54 graded by pcgs Oops 🙊 only 54 minted only this one ☝️ by Pcgs population of 1 in pr69’dcam.and1 lower.

1988 10 P Olympics - Shot Putter Pd PR68DCAM PCGS #395241

This coin now is worth what the set cost.