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1840 10C No Drapery AU58 PCGS #4573

Fortin 104. Fully struck. Sea green, tan and blue toning. Purchased from Dave Wnuck in April 2020.

1796 10C VF35 PCGS #4461

JR 6. Obverse die crack from star 1 through 179 in date. Another die crack from rim through left side of 9 in date to bust ,neck and head to star 8 and rim. Reverse die crack from rim to between S and T in STATES through wreath to top of wing to Eagle's neck. Purchased from Julian Leidman at the 1995 FUN show.

1805 10C 4 Berries XF40 PCGS #4477

JR 2. 4 Berries. Purchased at the 1994 CSNS show.

1814 10C Large Date AU58 PCGS #4488

JR 3.LargeDate.Lots of mint luster with light golden and gray toning.A very nice original coin.Obverse die crack from rim to star 8.Multiple reverse die cracks through the shield.Purchased from J.J Teaparty in May 2012.

1831 10C AU58 PCGS #4520

JR-2.The D in UNITED and the second S in STATES are recut. Superb golden prooflike reflective surfaces. A scarce variety in high grade. Probably condition census or very near so. CAC. Purchased from David Kahn Rare Coins at the 2014 FUN show.

1837 10C No Stars, Small Date AU58 PCGS #4562

Small Date. Fortin 103. Splashes of blue-green toning around parts of the obverse rim. Purchased from Meridian Coins at the 2015 CSNS show.

1857 10C AU58 PCGS #4614

Fortin 108.Loads of luster.Light golden peripheral toning.Purchased from Heritage's 2011 Pre-ANA auction.

1853 10C Arrows AU58+ PCGS #4603

Hubbed date and arrows. Fortin 101. Die crack from rim to the left base through left arrow to the left base of 1 in the date. Die crack from field through star 1 to star 2. Die crack from star 8 through top of cap to star 9. Die crack from rim through right arrow . Die crack from hair to middle of Liberty's left facing ( right ) arm. Purchased from the 2012 Heritage October Dallas sale.

1876-CC 10C AU58 PCGS #4680

Type One reverse. Blue, green and light russet toning. Purchased from Sahara Coins in May 2015.

1874 10C Arrows AU58 PCGS #4668

Fortin 111. Light golden peripheral toning. Minute die crack from lower left reverse rim to wreath. Except for the 1943 Steel Cent,this is the toughest post 1840 U.S. type coin to find in PCGS 58. Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in June 2013.

1911 10C MS62 PCGS #4857

Purchased at the 1987 GNA show.

1944-D 10C MS67FB PCGS #5053

Brilliant.Purchased at the 2008 BRNA show.

2017-S 10C SP70FB PCGS #631121

First day of issue Denver ANA. Enhanced Unc. Purchased on Ebay in June 2018.