The Cumberland Valley Collection Coin Album

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1839/8 $10 Type of 1838 AU50 PCGS #8576

A very tough type coin. Most of the obverse stars are flat as is common with this type. The reverse looks better than an AU 50 coin. Purchased from The Numismatic Financial Corporation at the 2016 ANA.

1851-O $10 AU58 PCGS #8607

Variety 2,low date. Hollow ring at the top of the second vertical stripe in the shield. Very well struck except for the star radial lines which are invariably flat. Semi-prooflike. Very lightly abraded surfaces. A superior No Motto New Orleans Mint Eagle. Purchased from Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries at the 2013 ANA.

1893 $10 MS60 PCGS #8725

Prooflike surfaces.Purchased from Tennessee Exchange in December 1980.

1907 $10 No Motto MS61 PCGS #8852

Purchased at the 1988 CSNS show.

1911 $10 MS62 PCGS #8868

Purchased from Tennessee Exchange in August 1980.