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1795 H10C VF30 PCGS #4251

Valentine 7. LM-6. Very early die state with only a minute die crack connecting the tops of the 9 and 5 in the date. A very rare and seldom seen variety.Missing in the Eliasberg,Norweb,Garrett and most other major sales. Most of those seen,in recent years,have had problems.This is a nice problem free coin.Slightly better than the Logan-McCloskey plate coin and the Milton A.Holmes ( Valentine Plate ) coin. Certainly in the Condition Census.Cherry-picked at the 1994 FUN show.

1796 H10C LIKERTY VF35 PCGS #4254

Valentine 1. LM-1. The LIKERTY variety.Very nice with a lavender-gray and gold patina. Obverse die crack from rim through 6th star to hair ribbon. Reverse die crack from rim through right side of first T in STATES through wreath to eagle's neck. Another die crack from rim through A in AMERICA through wreath to eagle's wing. A very tough coin to find nice. Purchased from Harry Laibstain Rare Coins at the 2015 FUN show.

1800 H10C LIBEKTY XF40 PCGS #4265

A neat little coin.Valentine 2. LM-3. The LIBEKTY variety.The reverse is rotated about 30 degrees.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in October of 1994.

1833 H10C AU58 PCGS #4280

Valentine 1. LM-10. Both loops of the second S in STATES filled. Beautiful blue, green and gold album toning. Slightly prooflike. Purchased from Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins at the 2014 FUN show.

1837 H10C No Stars, Small Date AU58 PCGS #4312

Small Date. The reverse is rotated about 20 degrees. Beautiful sea green obverse toning. The reverse has golden peripheral toning. CAC sticker. Purchased from William Wetzler in July 2019.

1840 H10C No Drapery AU58+ PCGS #4321

The obverse has cobalt-blue and reddish apricot peripheral toning.The reverse has blue-gray,steel-gray and golden-rose toning throughout.Abundant luster especially on the obverse.From the Frank Phillips Collection of the Bowers and Merena 2010 November Baltimore sale.

1843 H10C AU58+ PCGS #4332

Fully struck. Light golden peripheral toning. Purchased from a Heritage internet auction in August 2016.

1853 H10C Arrows AU58 PCGS #4356

Fully struck. Nice luster. Purchased from Dr. Eugene Bruder in April 2014.

1872-S H10C Mintmark Below AU58 PCGS #4401

Mintmark below wreath. Light brown and sea green toning with nice underlying luster. Purchased from the Charlotte Coin Consortium at the 2012 FUN show.