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1803 1C Small Date, Large Fraction F15BN PCGS #1485

The perfect type coin in the maximum grade I could afford. smooth, problem-free surfaces, uniform dark chocolate brown. 1803, the perfect date. great obverse detail approaching vf20

1812 1C Small Date VG10BN PCGS #1561

tough, tough type coin to find with a reasonable planchet. this one seems to fit the bill with a non-porous, chocolate brown surface and strong vg-10 detail

1838 1C AU50BN PCGS #1741

stunning copper and beautiful, textured original color. TCC!

1853 1C MS63BN PCGS #1901

a wonderful copper with dreamy surfaces. very soft luster and a touch of red on the edges. a warm and inviting coin with no distractions and a tremendous pairing with the neighboring 1838! another TCC!