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1806 1/2C Small 6, No Stems VF35BN PCGS #1093

gorgeous, original brown surfaces. a great planchet. when the coin is tilted in the light all the hair relief detail comes into play!

1832 1/2C AU53BN PCGS #1159

VERY nice medium brown planchet(screen may show it darker than is). Very light, even wear. Not as common to find this nice as people might think. I literally jumped on this coin as soon as I saw its availability at RCNH.

1853 1/2C MS63BN PCGS #1227

great match with the sister large cent in grade, date, color and eye-appeal. Yellow River Coins!

1803 1C Small Date, Large Fraction F15BN PCGS #1485

The perfect type coin in the maximum grade I could afford. smooth, problem-free surfaces, uniform dark chocolate brown. 1803, the perfect date. great obverse detail approaching vf20

1812 1C Small Date VG10BN PCGS #1561

tough, tough type coin to find with a reasonable planchet. this one seems to fit the bill with a non-porous, chocolate brown surface and strong vg-10 detail

1838 1C AU50BN PCGS #1741

stunning copper and beautiful, textured original color. TCC!

1853 1C MS63BN PCGS #1901

a wonderful copper with dreamy surfaces. very soft luster and a touch of red on the edges. a warm and inviting coin with no distractions and a tremendous pairing with the neighboring 1838! another TCC!

1857 1C Flying Eagle XF45 PCGS #2016

wholesome, original with nice strike save the A in states. the wear is nice and even and the feathers are very near complete!

1897 1C MS63RD PCGS #2198

Brick red patina! a red Indian that's not hard on the checkbook. the 19th century date is a plus. wholesome, original surfaces. In 64 and above these start to get expensive on a modest budget.

1964 1C PR67RD PCGS #3404

sometimes a nice coin comes along in a collectors forum giveaway!

1865 2C MS64RB PCGS #3583

A dreamy piece, an absolute favorite in the set! A happy find, exactly what i was looking for. No problems. Great strike, luster and color. Nice amount of red for an RB.Priced right too! Thanks to Frank of Currency and Coins of Wayne PA. Nice that the obverse has more red as the coin is wall-mounted with this side showing!

1865 3CN MS64 PCGS #3731

Granted, a splurge! Coins in 63 and under simply do not have a lustrous splash. This one is near gem and has plenty of luster. Check out the TRIPLE! die clash on the reverse!

1861 3CS AU55 PCGS #3679

steel-blue, light bronze-gold toning!! what a wonderfully original piece! Tyhe toning is subtle and bold at the same time while not robbing the luster on the obverse devices

1882 5C MS64 PCGS #3812

perfect match to my 3c nickel and liberty head. soft cartwheel luster with a satin finish!! what a perfect set when looking at them together.

1900 5C MS64 PCGS #3861

A wonderful nickel from Larry Whitlow-PQ! Soft cartwheel, satin luster with beautiful fields and a nice strike. In hand, it is a great coin to savor, especially while you rotate it slowly. The satin look, while not as flashy as a brilliant or frosty luster is beautiful in its own way. Hard to put down, like a favorite scotch!

1938-D 5C Buffalo MS65 PCGS #3984

light champagne, incredible luster!

2005-S 5C Bison PR69DCAM PCGS #94242

a great acquisition by winning a PCGS forum contest!

1831 H10C XF40 PCGS #4278

pretty good match with the half dollar, a fair amount of luster(both sides) not visible in the pic

1853-O H10C Arrows AU50 PCGS #4357

beautiful luster, great surfaces. a wholesome original miniature!

1832 10C XF40 PCGS #4521

"the look". It took an instant to fall in love with this one. the dirt/grime(like on seated coinage) not only gives the coin a two-tone appearance but gives the devices some contrast which make them stand out to the eye.

1884 10C AU55 PCGS #4692

gorgeous AU55 here, the head is just a tad soft, the pic is not best either here but there is considerable detail in-hand. light gold with hints of green and rose; these colors produce a kaleidoscope effect when the coin is rotated in person! the flat pic only produces limited 2-dimensional characteristics. again it's the natural toning here that is unquestionable here.

1916 10C Barber MS62 PCGS #4870

Very lustrous with plenty of metal flow. Just enough gold patina to confirm its originality but it doesn't impede the flash factor!

1936-S 10C MS64FB PCGS #5003

smoke-toned on the periphery!

1875-S 20C XF40 PCGS #5298

an original, untampered-with album-toned piece, not so easy to find. soft liberty, but nice xf details otherwise

1835 25C VF30 PCGS #5354

just a nice choice VF which makes a nice pairing with the dime.

1875 25C AU50 PCGS #5498

a great match with my seated half-dime and dime.

1916-D 25C MS62 PCGS #5674

Fortuitously found! Thanks to Larry Whitlow! White, lustrous, a good pairing with the Standing Liberty Quarter. Very nice strike which produces exceptional flow lines. The pic does not show it, but the metal flow of the eagle head appears on the obverse, amd moreso when tilted. It is part of the overall cartwheel.

1917 25C Type 1 MS62FH PCGS #5707

bought raw on ebay at an AU price. it made 62FH! white and lustrous with the usual good strike for a '17. HOLY RIVETS BATMAN!!

1826 50C XF40 PCGS #6143

O-108A, obvious original patina-such a thrill to own an early bustie in this grade! As part of a pure design set, this would serve the capped bust entry as, in this case, the half dime, dime and quarter would be unnecessary.

1861 50C XF45 PCGS #6302

deceptively difficult to find this original and in the grade and common date I sought, this is a type collector dream coin! Civil War date is always a plus, but it is the way that the dirt and toning which gets into the dress folds that adds depth to the appearance. Thank you Alex Barna, for finding this special piece!

1915-D 50C MS62 PCGS #6533

A frosty and lustrous Barber Half with just a scattering of minor hits. White but not blast white, this coin has a beautiful skin that hints at being original, and is the farthest thing from a stripped and dipped out coin which is unfortunately so common these days. Wholesome and makes a great trio with the dime and quarter. superb example for the grade!

1946-D 50C MS64 PCGS #6628

Hard to figure how a 65 or greater would look so much better than this one. I ended up making some 40 attempts before hitting on this pic. The trick was a single hand-held 60W light bringing out the lines in Liberty's dress and eagle's breast feathers.

1954-S 50C MS65 PCGS #6669

Literally, a perfect type coin!! Common date for grade I was seeking. Looking for a blast white and courtesy CU Forum member Heywood, got one here! Took quite a while to find a quality MS65 with a clean cheek. 54s comes quite nice and settling for a non-FBL yields more examples and a much lighter price-tag. These are great coins if they are relatively mark-free. This allows their booming luster to be appreciated in its entirety. Final Franklin made at the San Francisco mint; a little bit of history thrown in as well!

1847 $1 VF35 PCGS #6934

Purchases are now coming fewer and farther between. the quest for original coins gets more difficult, but here one came along with original patina and dirt in the perfect collector grade of vf-35! Nice that the clasp is all there. Strong Liberty for grade and even though hair detail could be better, nice head detail.

1877 T$1 XF45 PCGS #7044

a very difficult but satisfying purchase. On an RCNH wishlist for grade, common date and originality, the last being particularly hard to find.

1882-S $1 MS64 PCGS #7140

a wonderful birthday gift from my wife! Always wanted a blazer! In hand the scuffs seen in the pic are rather muted, and overall looks very clean. The usual fine s-mint strike. Very nice reverse!

1922 $1 MS64 PCGS #7357

A prudent purchase at the 64 grade as a jump in 1 essentially triples the price. But what of this incredible luster?! The evenness of the cartwheel I believe, adds an extra frostiness to the whole coin.

1972-S $1 Silver MS66 PCGS #7411

Great coin in hand and the pic picks up most of it! Satin finish AND cartwheel luster. A rich looking coin. I had to have a silver in this. Nary a mark. I love this coin even though I am not a fan of Eisenhowers in particular...

1999-D SBA$1 MS67 PCGS #9582

One of the fine things about putting together a collection is the great people you meet along the way! Rob Ezerman, an specialist in lunar eagles coins(Ikes and Suzies!) hand picked this one for me. It is a full-talon; a classification that, he tells me will be somewhat important down the road. Lustrous, these SBAs are not bad on the eye! The 99-D is a perfect type coin in high grade-easy on the wallet! Thanks to Alex Nocerino for setting up the contact!

2008-S $1 Andrew Jackson PR69DCAM PCGS #394883

wonderful hanukkah present from my son! also, some nice points to the registry!

2001-P SAC$1 MS67 PCGS #15000

many thanks to Kyle! these are truly brilliant and in no way does it look like the usuals that come out of a post office stamp machine!