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About This Set: The goal was a 20th century type set - akin to the hard plastic Capital holder I'd drooled over as a kid at my local coin shop. From the onset, I decided that to be considered "complete," my set must be comprised of only proof and mint state coins - with the best possible suffixes (RD, FS, FB, FH, FBL) where possible. Originally, I'd leaned toward acquiring lustrous, white examples; however, once I completed the set and started upgrading individual coins, I've been more favorable of unique and toned specimens.

I've also expanded my 20th century mega set to include pre-1933 circulation gold and early Classic Commemoratives (part of separate registry sets).

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Nine years later, set is complete. All 39 coins MS/PR.

Posted at 2/22/2020 2:40 PM by Dima

Upgraded several pieces from AU to MS toward the tail end of 2019. There are a few other pieces I'd like to upgrade in addition to acquiring the last remaining coin: the Barber half.

Posted at 1/7/2020 2:41 PM by Dima

The set is nearing completion!! It's funny; when I started the set I decided my goal was to simply complete the set. Now I find that my goal is constantly looking to upgrade a coin - if even only by 1 grade. Planning to add photos of every coin very soon.

Posted at 4/13/2011 9:30 PM by Dima

Originally, was going for a MS/PR 20th century set, but soon found the limitations of my budget preventing me from doing that. Currently, lowest graded coin is AU50 - and I am attempting to finish the set with this being the lowest graded coin. However, some 'key' coins in the set, such as the 1921 HR Peace dollar, might be out of my reach at such a high grade.

Posted at 2/11/2011 7:14 AM by Dima

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