Copper, Nickel and Silver Type Set, Proof (1801-1964)

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Collecting coins by type, as opposed to collecting every coin in an entire series, became popular in the 1960s. The object of a type collector is to acquire one example of every type of coin, and, of course, that example should be is as high a grade as possible. Technically, every coin is a type coin, but, unless the collector has an unlimited pocketbook, most collectors focus on common date examples of the various type coins in superb condition. The focus of type collecting is definitely on condition. Most of the people who collect coins focus on copper, nickel, and silver coins, though to be truly complete, a type collection should also include the gold issues. Of the copper, nickel, and silver type coins, the major rarities are the 18th century coinage.

Notes: This set has bonuses and deductions. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating User
1 D. L. Hansen Proof Type Set. -Copper, Nickel & Silver 2019 95.83% 66.43 60.06
2 Black Cat 55.56% 66.79 27.55
3 Terry's Ultimate Proof Type Set 41.67% 64.37 11.53
4 lostmountainman 37.50% 64.86 09.73
5 The Gypsy Collection 33.33% 66.66 09.72

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