1828 Mint Set with Gold

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The five-piece Mint Set of 1828 includes two copper coins (a Half Cent and Cent) and three silver coins; (a Dime, Quarter and Half.) For the Dime, it was a transition year, from the older large diameter planchet to the slightly smaller one used through 1837. It was the last year for the Quarter on the larger open collar die. After two years of suspension, coinage for the denomination would resume on a smaller closed collar die with a reduced diameter and modified design. While there is only one gold coin for 1828, it was struck under the old weight standard, which made it worth slightly more than face value almost at the time of striking. As a consequence, despite its mintage of 28,000, some 99.9% are estimated to have met an early fate in the melting pot, leaving perhaps two dozen or fewer known today. A six-figure purchase, when one can be located.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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1 William Dunham 100.00% 63.00 R 63.80 63.80
2 The Norweb Family 100.00% 59.10 R 59.10 59.10
3 Garrett Collection 100.00% 56.70 R 56.70 56.70
4 Waldo Newcomer 100.00% 54.90 R 55.70 55.70
5 Louis Eliasberg 83.33% 65.17 R 65.33 39.20

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1 Bear Creek Collection 16.67% 63.00 63.00 06.30
2 Numerius Negidius 16.67% 25.00 25.00 02.50
3 Vinny Kid 16.67% 12.00 12.00 01.20
4 BIGWEBB 16.67% 1.00 1.00 00.10