U A Hogs 1960 Coin Album

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1960-D 1C Large Date MS66RB PCGS #2865

Bright Red Obverse, Green and Blue Tones cover the Reverse in what looks to be end roll bank wrap toning. Very interesting cool patter and toning. True View

1960 5C MS66+ PCGS #4067

The obverse has a ring of rainbow and the reverse has a ring of red, and blue with some green and yellow highlights\ so nice!!! True View

1960-D 5C MS66 PCGS #4068

Outstanding two sided color True View

1960 10C MS66FB PCGS #85120

Very nice toning both sides True view

1960-D 10C MS67+ FB PCGS #85121

outstanding Burnt Reds, Orange with some greens. A super nice coin with pretty two sided toning True View

1960 25C MS65 PCGS #5868

A very cool toned Obverse with some purple and greens True view

1960-D 25C MS65 PCGS #5869

Red, Greens, Rusty Brown and Deep Gold toning on both sides A Very Nice Coin True View

1960 50C MS66FBL PCGS #86678

A very deep mix of blues, gold and reds. Both sides have a great looking toned finish. Super Nice True View

1960-D 50C MS65FBL PCGS #86679

Bright white reverse with End of Roll, Bank Wrapped Rainbow toning on the Obverse Super nice True View