The Royal Klinton Chapman Moore Collection Coin Album

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1983-S 1C PR69DCAM PCGS #93476

KM# 201b • Copper Plated Zinc, 19 mm. • Notes: MS60 prices are for brown coins and MS65 prices are for coins that are at least 90% original red.The 1983 “doubled die reverse” shows doubling of “United States of America.” The 1984 “doubled die” shows doubling of Lincoln's ear on the obverse.

1983-S 5C PR69DCAM PCGS #94218

KM# A192 • 5.0000 g., Copper-Nickel, 19.53 mm. • Designer: Felix Schlag Edge Desc: Plain Notes: KM#192 design and composition resumed.

1983-S 10C PR69DCAM PCGS #95264

KM# 195a • 2.2700 g., Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, 17.9 mm. • Designer: John R. Sinnock

1983-S 25C PR69DCAM PCGS #96019

KM# A164a • 5.6700 g., Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, 24.3 mm. • Edge Desc: Reeded Notes: KM#164 design and composition resumed.

1983-S 50C PR69DCAM PCGS #96824

KM# A202b • 11.3400 g., Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, 30.6 mm. • Edge Desc: Reeded Notes: KM#202b design and composition resumed. The 1979- S and 1981- S.