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About This Set: Nearly Complete Certified Three Cent pattern collection. I am always looking to upgrade, so please contact me if you feel you have a pattern/splasher/die trial that may fit
Started the collection in 1977 with my Father. Had nearly completed the Trime portion of the collection by 2000. At that time, slowly began accumulating the Nickel portion. Bob Simpson collection was largely a mirror image lacking many of the Trimes and nearly complete with the Nickels. Was largely able to complete and fill in these missing patterns when his collection became available including upgrading a few of the Trimes.
Missing coins: J-112A and J-1260 are only certified coins left to finish the certified available coins. The J-112A, I have but it is not certified as such. I will be publishing a book on Three cent patterns and hopefully it can be certified at that time. I believe J-804 to exist but not certified. If you have information regarding this pattern, please contact me
J-112A 2- 3 known Last Sale 6/05 Heritage Long Beach Lot 7355 ex. Bass BM 5/99 lot 1026. I know one of my existing J-112 pattern is J-112A but convincing TPG is another matter
J-114A Last sale Farouk Palace Collection 1954 Sothebys Lot 1738 only 1 previous auction sale prior in 11/1887 Likely does not exist . I believe to perhaps be a copper appearing J-114
J-153 Last sale Woodward Mickley collection 10/1867 lot 2184 to Joseph Levick. Likely does not exist as described. May exist as regular strike 1853 in 90% silver not 75% silver. Metallurgical testing of existing 1853 business strikes may uncover this pattern
J-412 Last sale New York Coin and Stamp Woodside 4/1892 Lot 171 Almost certainly is J-414A. Likely does not exist
J-617 Last known transaction 7/1979 Private sale New England Rare coin From Woodside/Newcomer 1892. These sets usually contained J-621, May be cataloging error and may not exist or may be J-617A or J-621
J-617C None registered and no sales transactions. Does not exist
J-620 Last sale Farouk Palace Collection 1954 Sothebys lot 1817. Most descriptions of J-620 are of of J-617A . May not exist
J-677 Last sale Kagin 12/65 Lot 2035 Three Kagins sales are the only sales records. Likely does not exist
J-681 Last Sale Thomas Elder Edgar Adams collection 4/35 Lot 1465 combined with presumptively J-804. But cataloging is not definitive to 681. May not exist
J-804 Last sale Farouk Palace Collection 1954 Sothebys Lot 1857 Existence is uncertain as listed in 1977 FPL by American Gold Exchange but none certified. Contact me with any information regarding
J-1260 Last Sales Heritage 1/2011 lot 6625 and ANR 7/2003 LOT 995 2-3 known to exist
J-1260A Has been determined to be a mint error and is not a valid pattern
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