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Annual PCGS Set Registry Awards


Do you have an award winning set? Find out by registering your set in the PCGS Set Registry.

Each year, the best sets in the following categories will receive an engraved award and a "Best of the Registry" icon by his or her set listing in the registry.

The deadline for the 2017 awards is Friday, June 30, 2017. All sets must be registered and updated no later than 5pm EST (2pm PST). Please plan ahead when sending potential set registry coins to PCGS for grading. We do not extend the deadline for any reason.


Gold Level: Set Registry gold is awarded to the best sets in the following categories. Note that the awards are determined by the PCGS Expert Committee of Ron Guth, David Hall, Jaime Hernanedez, Mike Sherman, Don Willis, and Gordon Wrubel.

2017 Best Classic Sets - 1792-1964 (including Lincoln cents and Washington quarters):The best sets from the 1792 to 1964 "Classic Era" of United States Federal coinage.

2017 Best Modern Sets - 1950 to date (including Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, and Franklin half dollars): The best sets from the Modern Era of coin collecting.

2017 Best Mint and Proof Sets: The best quality PCGS graded complete Mint and Proof Sets.

2017 Best Colonials, Private Issues & Territorial Gold and Pattern Sets: The best sets from the important American specialized series.

2017 Best Low Ball Sets: For this category, the awards go to those that have put together the lowest graded sets. It's tougher than you think!

2017 Best Everyman Sets: The best sets graded under MS60.

2017 Best World Coin Sets: The best sets of non-U.S. coins.

2017 Best New Sets for 2017 (Sets registered between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017): The best newcomers to the PCGS Set Registry.

2017 Best Digital Album: Determined by a vote of Set Registry members.

2017 "Best of the Registry" Winners
In addition, in each category the collector ranked number one with at a least 95% completion, or in the case of large set compositions, those sets with 500 or more coins registered in one set, will receive a "Best of the Registry" icon by his or her set listing in the registry. Note that the completion requirement may be waived when the judges review sets which contain especially rare coins. ("Best of the Registry" award certificates will be printed and mailed at the winner's request.)

2017 Platinum Level
The Platinum level is awarded to the currently active sets and collections which have won gold five years in a row and continue to be ranked number one. Sets and collections achieving Platinum level status will not compete for gold level awards. On the year of the 5th Gold award, the set will also receive Platinum for the same year and will receive Platinum each year the set is ranked number one.

HOF PCGS Set Registry Coin Collecting Hall of Fame
The ultimate Set Registry accomplishment is induction into the PCGS Set Registry Hall of Fame. Each year All-Time Finest sets and/or collectors are inducted into the Hall of Fame. The PCGS Set Registry Hall of Fame represents PCGS's highest honor.

10 10 Year Anniversary
Special tribute is paid to any collector whose set has won an award for being ranked number one 10 years in a row.