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1878 1C MS64RB PCGS #2131


1903 1C MS65RB PCGS #2215


1795 50C Overton 115 FR2 PCGS #39231

CAC, Overton 115, R.5 I pulled the trigger on this eye-appealing example before I knew what CAC meant. I was waiting behind someone at US Coins in Houston, Texas ... peering through the glass counter ... when I noticed it from a distance. My first thought: "I love that coin!!" My second thought: "I can't wait to take that sticker off!!!!" After some investigation, I decided to leave it alone. Truth be told, I really don't care for the placement or the intent of the "me too" sticker. You wouldn't put a smiley sticker on the Mona Lisa to show it's a strong example of Renaissance art. Protected in a desirable generation 4.4 holder, the coin has an aesthetic that would make Robert Scot smile! Remember, think like an artist, not an accountant. footnote: The TrueView image is perfect! PCGS photographed the coin without removing it from the holder, so I could experience the TrueView of this little jewel in all its glory. That was kind of them.

1807 50C Draped Bust Overton 105 VF20 PCGS #39343

Overton 105, R.1 This amazing example of early American coinage was won in an eBay auction, undervalued and raw.

1798 $1 B-17 BB-101 5 Lines Pt 9 VG8 PCGS #40017

B-17, BB-101, 5 Lines, Pointed 9, R.5 EX: The Palos Verdes Collection

1794 1C Head of 1794 AG3BN PCGS #901374

EX: SEGS split graded G6/AG3. NGC FR2. The holder scratched easily and became unsightly, so I cracked it out ... twice! An Air-Tite Holder was the new normal for a couple of years. At last, I sent it to PCGS where it settled into its present identity, AG3. But, there was a problem. Aesthetically speaking, I was not pleased with the position of the coin. You see, the coin was rotated clockwise, such that the date was at 7 o'clock, not the desired 6 o'clock, creating an unpleasant profile of a leaning Liberty. How does that happen? It only takes a few seconds to position the coin in the holder. If I were a manager at PCGS, I would hire artists. Anyway, I sent it back for re-holder with TrueView. This time, it was positioned perfectly in the holder. Remember when you were young, just starting your collection, you were told to, "hold it by the edges."? That's how I hold every rare coin now, whether slabbed or raw.