About Me

About Me:
I am a life long coin collector. I learned to appreciate coins from my grandfather in the late 50s. He would put all his change in a big milk jug and we would spend hours searching though it to find coins.. On one occasion we found 5 1909S VDB pennies. RIP grandpa he died in 1966 but my love for collecting continued. The first time I sent a submission to PCGS was in 2001 when I had a 1951 proof set graded, some Franklin Halves and a group of BU double eagles I had bought for around $350 each.
In Search Of:
Colors are my current hot button along with High Definition imaging.
Personal Collection:
An eclectic group of treasures!
For Trade / For Sale:
If you see something you like...make me an offer!
Not For Trade / Not For Sale:
If you see something you like...make me an offer!
Collecting Since:
Late 1950's
Hobbies Outside of the Hobby:
Coin collecting is my vice!
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