Michelle Elizabeth (Paterson) Vorkink (1985- ) Coin Album

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1985-P 5C MS66FS PCGS #84114

The 1985-P Jefferson Nickel is fairly common in most grades. Only in MS65 Full Steps condition does it become scarce. In MS66 with Full Steps it is very tough to locate and the highest grade assigned by PCGS for this issue. Pop. 45/0 (6/14) Mintage: 647,114,962.

1985-D 5C MS66FS PCGS #84115

Jefferson Nickels from 1985 from the Denver Mint are not rare or scarce by any means, as they were struck in the hundreds of millions. However, in high Uncirculated grades this date is scarce in MS66 and higher. With the Full Steps designation, it is even scarcer. There are no more than a few hundred examples that would probably grade MS66 with Full Steps but more than likely, there may even be less than 100 examples total. In MS67 with or without Full Steps this coin is almost unheard of. Any example that looks MS67 or higher is definitely a coin worth keeping and worth grading, as it would be one of the nicest examples out there. Pop. 44/1 (12/10) Mintage: 459,747,446.

1985-D 50C MS67 PCGS #6748

From the 1980's to about the year 2000, the Mint was producing about 20-30 million Kennedy Half Dollars from each Mint each year. Therefore, the 1985-D is a common issue since it's mintage is close to 20 million coins struck. It is only scarce in MS67 condition or higher. Anything grading less than MS67 is fairly common and can be purchased very inexpensively. Pop. 83/0 (3/13) Mintage: 19,814,034.