Kassidy Paige Vorkink, Kelsey Nicole Vorkink (2012-) Coin Album

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2012-P 5C MS67FS PCGS #511549

The 2012-P Jefferson Nickel is very common in most grades. Examples can easily be found in circulation with enough searching. Only in MS67 condition or higher does it become scarce. Pop. 19/0 (6/14) Mintage: 383,040,000.

2012-D 5C MS67FS PCGS #511552

The 2012-D Jefferson Nickel is very common as the mintage is well over 380 million. Examples in MS66 appear to be a little difficult to find but with enough searching, a nice example in this condition can be found. In MS67 condition it is scarce with possibly hundreds, if not thousands of examples out there. However, with such a large mintage the time involved to find one would be monumental. Therefore, MS67 examples are considered very scarce. Pop. 33/1 (6/14) Mintage: 383,040,000.