Michelle Elizabeth Paterson Coin Album

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1985-S 1C PR70DCAM PCGS #93482

Pop. 77/0 (6/14) Mintage: 3,010,497.

1985-S 5C PR70DCAM PCGS #94220

The 1985-S Proof Jefferson Nickel can be located very easily in grades up to PR69 Deep Cameo. Examples are very affordable up to PR69 Deep Cameo. Only in PR70 Deep Cameo are they scarce and command a premium. Pop. 48/0 (6/14) Mintage: 3,362,821.

1985-S 10C PR70DCAM PCGS #95267

Pop. 238/0 (6/14) Mintage: 3,362,821.

1985-S 25C PR70DCAM PCGS #96021

The 1985-S Proof Washington Quarter came well struck. Most examples range from about PR67-PR69 deep cameo condition. In perfect PR70 deep cameo condition they are scarcer but most collectors should be able to afford one easily. Pop. 169/0 (6/14) Mintage: 3,362,821.

1985-S 50C PR70DCAM PCGS #96826

Pop. 230/0 (6/14) Mintage: 3,362,662.