Add value to your coin with COA encapsulation!

With the advent of hand-signed and serialized Certificates of Authenticity from the United States Mint, PCGS is proud to announce the encapsulation of U.S. Mint COAs alongside the coins we guarantee to create the perfect pairing.

What are the submission guidelines?

In order to qualify for COA encapsulation, the guidelines are as follows: If the COA is serialized or hand-signed the COA and coin must be submitted to PCGS in sealed U.S. Mint packaging. To encapsulate your COA, we charge a $20 holdering fee and an additional $25 if the sealed COA is signed.

Unsigned and non-serialized COA's from any year can be submitted for encapsulation at any time.

Why submit COA’s for encapsulation?

Now that the U.S. Mint serializes COAs, many collectors prefer buying the graded coin alongside the serialized and/or hand-signed COA. The incredible demand for the pairing of the graded 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle and encapsulated COA shows the sensational popularity of this exclusive PCGS product. Its importance in the marketplace continues growing, as evidenced by increasing submissions for coin and COA pairings and strong market premiums for these encapsulated offerings.

Terms & Conditions

$20 Oversized holder fee applies to all COA encapsulations.

An additional $25 will be charged if a signature is found on the COA upon opening the mint packaging.
  • There is a +$20 per COA encapsulation fee in addition to the standard grading fees. Please write “COA Encapsulation +20” on the submission form to ensure the order is proccessed as such
  • If the COA is hand-signed or serialized the coin must be in the original sealed shipping box from the Mint or it will be ineligible for pairing with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • All coins proccessed as COA encapsulation must be on their own form (i.e. no mixing non-COA submissions on the same submission form)
  • Fill out a submission form via the online PDF or online submission center
  • If using the online submission center, please print and add a note “+$20 per COA encapsulation”