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Here you can learn more about the PCGS Banknote grading service available to PCGS Collectors Club members and authorized dealers.

About Banknote Grading

PCGS is proud to launch PCGS Banknote as the premier third-party certification service for paper currency. Our roots in grading paper currency trace back to 2005, and we are excited to offer PCGS Banknote certification and grading services in-house and on United States soil. This ensures our customers receive the fast, efficient service they expect with the PCGS name and the protection they trust when their collectibles are examined and encapsulated by PCGS professionals.

PCGS Banknote uses new, tamper-evident plastic cases that seal all graded banknotes within a safe, inert, quality holder that will protect the banknote for generations. Nothing beats the peace of mind in knowing your investments are authentic, properly graded, and physically protected against mishandling – and when your banknotes are graded and encapsulated by our PCGS Banknote service, those are guarantees you’ll never have to think twice about.

Accepting Submissions January 2020

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Submission Types

You may submit banknotes through the grading, regrade, reholder or crossover services

Grading For “raw” banknotes not currently encapsulated by a third-party grading company Regrade For banknotes currently encapsulated by PCGS Banknote to be regraded raw Reholder To replace old or damaged PCGS Banknote holders Crossover Improve value, security and liquidity for banknotes currently graded by other companies

Additional Services:

PCGS is proud to offer the following services

First Day of Issue


First Print


Oversized Holder


Additional details on pricing and services for your currency coming soon.

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PCGS Banknote Grading Standards

PCGS Banknote uses a 70-point numerical scale universally accepted by all collectors. Below is a brief description to show how a note is evaluated and assigned a grade by PCGS Banknote. Please note that all banknotes graded MS65 and higher must also meet the criteria for Premium Paper Quality (PPQ).

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PCGS Banknote Guarantee

PCGS became the industry standard for coin grading and authentication by providing maximum value, security, and liquidity for collectible coins. We are excited to extend this to our banknote grading service. An added benefit of PCGS grading is the peace of mind provided by our PCGS Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity, the only guarantee in the industry backed by a publicly traded company. This cash-back warranty policy ensures the accuracy of the grade assigned to any PCGS-graded item, as long as it remains in its tamper-evident PCGS holder. Read the PCGS Banknote policy in its entirety through the link below.

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